Monday, January 30, 2012

I love Camberwell / 我愛坎貝爾


On Camberwell New Road to Camberwell Green, there are two bus garages. I have the feeling that if Von and Kai could make their way here, they would definitely go all crazy. Before doing the observational sketch, I had mailed a hand-drawn postcard of the imagined garage to the boys.


This looks like a very ordinary house, but inside the building, there is enough space for scores of buses. 


Though I am not so popular in Camberwell as in Dalston, a white lady approached me without my awareness exclaiming, "That is fantastic! My son is an artist too..." She asked me if I am an art student. I told her I go to Camberwell. She went on to ask a very good question, "Do you enjoy it?" I think the answer is 100 "yes"! 


See, a double-decker is going to be on duty! 


On the right side are two bus drivers who seem to be off duty. 


Next I was going to the butcher's for the first time. Yesterday Natalie told me that she loves going to the butcher's, and I was ashamed to admit that I hadn't tried making Taiwanese stewed pork yet. 


I bought 1kg of pork leg and asked the employees if I could do a sketch. They were pretty ok with that. One of them even asked me to show the drawing after I was done. 


Right, they thrust the pig head to the front wanting me to draw it. So nice...In the middle some customers also came for a look. One of the black guys asked, "Why didn't you draw me?" To my surprise, a lot of people like to be drawn! 


I've lived in Camberwell for almost five months, and I have a deeper connection with this area now... 


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我們早就收到名信片了喔!只是之前回去基隆,昨天回來才看到的,兩人果真非常喜歡 :)

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