Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beijingers in My Postcards / 明信片裡的北京人


This week everyone must have heard about the twist and turn of my postcard story. I got different answers to the question whether my self-made postcards are send-able or not in three post offices I visited on the trip. Fortunately, almost all the mail reached the addressees. My conclusion is that I should have more faith in the freedom of speech in China.


A place that lacks in the variety of postcards stimulates me to create my own postcards. I can only say, every place inspires me in their one-of-a-kind way, which is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from this trip.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hotel life in Beijing / 北京的旅館生活


Surprisingly, I took another trip to Beijing after a short interval of four months. The cityscape in winter and summer differs greatly. So was my mood for the two trips. To be honest, I should have gone to places such as Bali Island, but my early purchase of the plane ticket made the choice irreversible. Thus, I persuaded myself to travel to the big city at a slow and leisurely pace.


I got to see the real-life Beijing apart from renowned historic sites. The tall buildings, willow trees, cars, and people all look the same. When I began to be bored by the monotonous views, my imagination was immediately liberated. It didn’t matter anymore where I went. I spent hours drawing in the hotel room, which helped me to release pressure mentally and physically.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fast forward / 時間快轉


Things happened at a whirlwind pace in my mid-July. Work followed at the heels of my return from Beijing, not to mention Mom’s surgery. With the big clash of so many responsibilities, my heart and head span.


In the hospital, Mom said time passed by so slowly. I chatted and doodled with her, and that was the most leisurely moment I had within the crazy day. We talked about my dream and our expectations. I am the last person to take a liking to hospitals, but I can’t help but admit that illness stimulates people in a way that positive energy isn’t capable of. It makes us consider what we thought of as impossible.


I don’t want time to go fast forward. Because of the Monday typhoon, I find myself able to face life again on Tuesday. And Mom will be home very soon…