Sunday, January 22, 2012

Windsor & Eton / 溫莎伊頓之旅


Instead of being stuck at home on weekends, I decide to go on outings as often as I can. Today my destination is Windsor and Eton. 


This is the entrance to Windsor Castle. As soon as I arrive, there are crowds waiting. For what? 


Don't you find it cheerful? The female guard at the entrance to the ticketing office says that this is a sight worth seeing, so I wait with other tourists. 


The British royal family still lives in Windsor Castle, which covers a vast area, but only a very small part is open to the public. 


St. George's Gate. 


The bird's-eye view of the town. 


The chapel in the castle. 


I prefer the riverside to Windsor Castle. As I walk on, I feel the negative emotion accumulated over the week gone with the wind. 


You'll go to Eton from Windsor by taking the bridge. 


Eton is famous for Eton College, which is the most renowned boys' boarding school in the UK. You need special background to be admitted. 


The buildings of Eton College are dispersed in one part of the town. Though it's Saturday, many young boys are on their way back to the dorm after playing the ball. Some are seen to go to High Street for food. There are also parents that come to visit. 


In Bridget Jones' Diary II, when Bridget thinks she is pregnant, Mark discusses with her in joy the future of their child. He says that if it's a boy, they should send him to Eton College. Upon hearing that, Bridget can't help disagreeing with him. In the photo is the schedule of the societies. I am kind of shocked when I take a close look. I've finally got to see competitive people in the UK. 


There is a speech by an oncologist. Also, there is discussion on Soviet technology. What ambitious young men! 


Seen as the preparatory school to Oxford and Cambridge University, Eton College has its own souvenir shop! 


Tatiana said...

whoa, u came there! funny soldiers, love them :) Have u found the the Long Walk?

Weichuen You said...

I love the soldiers as well. I don't think I'll remember much about the castle, but the soldiers, I will.

I just walked along the river. I didn't go on the Long Walk, I think...

Grace Tan said...