Sunday, July 27, 2014

My little lady / 小阿嬤


Granny's maid Meili went back to Indonesia on vacation. My family hired a temporary nurse for her. Not accustomed to a new life with a new person, Granny can't refrain from throwing tantrums. Basically, she pulls a poker face complaining. When she is really pissed off, she reacts more vehemently by calling the nurse "a bad person." 


   Strangely, seeing my little lady who is no different from a child, I feel healed. Maybe I should live freely and willfully like my beloved Granny. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Irman / 貮們


Anyone can be an artist, but being an enterprising artist with his/her own business is a totally different story. I know starting from scratch involves numerous challenges, so I especially admire those who have the courage to take a try.


   My little brother Jun and Irma made the decision to create their own brand. Despite the obstacles that lay on their road to success, they are, in my opinion, the luckiest people in the world because they have a chance to fulfill their dream. I didn't offer too much help along the way, but it took me one day simply to write description for the items. In the end I figured it's still easier to stick to making picture books.


   The fabrics and materials are all carefully selected, which explains why the prices aren't that friendly. However, the designs really bring out the best looks in those who wear them.


   Why don't we get to know the brand first?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Smangus 5 / 司馬庫斯 5


   After having walked for five kilometers, we reach the legendary forest containing nine giant Taiwan red cypresses. Every tree has their own dramatic facial expressions. 


   I was drawing a picture book of a tree back in May. I often had self-doubts when I was designing the form of the tree. I wondered if I went too far in personifying it. However, my doubts are with the wind when I meet the trees here. My conclusion is: We can find whatever we imagine in nature. God is the greatest designer ever. 


   This resembles a human crawling on the ground and the resemblance is rather terrifying! 


   We can often see wooden ships in forests. 


   I raise my head to see the extending magnificent tree trunks, and when I lower my head, the entangled roots on and under the ground also awe me. 


   The bonzai of nature. 


   Pause for thought. 

        六號巨木是最大且最老的一棵樹,叫Yaya Qparung,意即媽媽巨木,有2500年歷史,他長得很有姿態。

   The No. 6 giant tree, named Yaya Qparung meaning mother giant tree, is the tallest and the oldest. It has lived for 2,500 years. Look how it raises up both hands. 


   Another five kilometers on our way back, but there are bamboo benches which offer us a five-minute break. 


   I discover this when we arrive at the town center of Smangus. Don't tell me that a sea creature desires to see the mountainscape as well? 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Smangus 4 / 司馬庫斯 4


The Atayal people are firm about managing their own land and protecting the mountains, so road signs around Smangus are all handmade by the tribespeople. They have a rugged and powerful style. 


   Many amazing plants scatter in all corners, which makes it hard for us to concentrate on walking. 


   The ferns here are so gorgeous that I can't take my eyes off them. 


   Green leaves spring out of a slope of debris. Here we are totally awed by the mightiness of life. 


   The tree split from the middle, but it kept reaching up to the sky. 


   We hear the birds, the streams and animals in the woods. If plants could talk, I bet they would be having parties every day. But wait, maybe they do! 


   Whose scooter is it? 


   We hike on the winding paths, conquering one mountain after another....

Smangus 3 / 司馬庫斯 3


Mornings in Smangus are quiet and fresh, yet it resounds with life--bird chirps and sunlight. 


   On our way to the woods, we pass by the locals' wooden cabins. Scooters are a major means of transportation for the Atayal tribespeople. 


   We choose to visit the giant trees, and the walk will take us about five hours to and fro. 


   The peaches are about to be harvested. 


   Fascinating path in the woods have always been my favorite. What will be waiting for us at the end of the path?


   The hike is to start from here. 


   There are many epic scenes in the forest. 


   Near the entrance of the mountain is a bamboo forest, where we marvel at various scenery of bamboos. 


   The woods are packed with secrets. I believe the pine cone must have its story to tell. 


   A sea of green stars. 


   My mom, a serious hiker. 


   It is not an exhausting hike at all. In the beginning, we walk and stop to take photos very often. With the cool air and lack of mosquitoes, I have my coolest summer day this year here. 


   On the way there are several waterfalls and streams.