Sunday, April 26, 2015

Encounter with the insect boy / 遇見昆蟲男孩


In the past week, I have traveled to different places to relax and broaden my horizons. Since I can't draw, I might as well have some fun. However, the most amazing experience is the encounter with the insect boy on Saturday afternoon in the herbarium. Chong-yu is a sophomore majoring in insects. He comes with a magical box with the lush green caterpillars crawling inside, which tickles the children pink. He has so much to say about the insects that he immediately becomes my idol.


     Apart from guide-touring the visitors, Chong-yu finishes the preparation of his insect treasure box in the meanwhile. I believe he can travel around the world with this box and he will definitely capture every kid's heart. He also knows A LOT about plants. Moreover, he plays the saxophone too. I can't help uttering: Wow, how handsome you must look when playing the instrument! In the end, I have to stop myself from introducing lovely girls to him. 


     We prolong the service hour to five p.m. On our way home, I say that I'd like to look for a quiet corner to think. He takes me to a super lovely courtyard with a swing under the breadfruit tree. 


     I swing alone in the vast courtyard all alone until the sun sets. Meanwhile, I can't help thinking that I've lost much in the first half of 2015, but behind the loss, there are so many huge lessons to learn. The insect boy is probably one of my guardian angels to guide me the way! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

In school / 學校裡



First exhibition opened on April, 7: 

My girls are about to graduate in one month. Feeling we don't have much time left, I want to do as much as I can to create beautiful memories for them. After Shaggy sent back the 450 postcards I had sent to her in the past 15 months, I have Sophy and Sophia design four postcard exhibitions plus one bonus exhibition for me and the girls. 

     When I first started the postcard project back in 2013, I simply wanted to remind myself of the beauty of my everyday life. Now I would like to share that passion with the girls, hoping that they'll seize the remaining days they have in high school. The postcards add colors to our corridor. I invite Eating to be my model in the picture above while the poster above is drawn by Sophy. 


     The poster is drawn by Sophia. 


     The postcards were about plants in the beginning, but later I doodled my everyday discovery. I ask Sophy and Sophia to decide the topics for each week. The postcards of the first week have diverse themes. 


     Second exhibition opening on April 15:


     The themes for the second week are much clearer. They are about the research for my book The Banana Boy, my boys' doodles and my granny's death. The poster above is drawn by Sophia. 


     The poster is Sophy's work.


     I am looking forward to the new exhibitions every Tuesday. 


     Some girls are curious. Enci is the first viewer. 


     The spring winds are so strong that the postcards are sometimes flown away. Girls are often seen to run out of the classroom to chase after them in class. When they do not away, they flap to the rhythms of the wind, which is so beautiful in my eyes. 


     My dream exhibition is part of our everyday living environment. The works might be noticed, or most of the time, they are ignored. But I don't mind. I don't advertise, nor do I force my viewers to look. Maybe one day when my students think back on the last month in high school, they have the faint impression of postcards flying outside the windows keeping them company. 


     Meanwhile inside the classroom, there is a presentation of eye-catching models to keep the girls awake. 


     On the bulletin board in the back of the classroom are girls' doodles. 


     During the same week, Sophy, Sophia and Enci draw on the envelopes with words of encouragement  for everyone. 


     Third exhibition opening on April, 21: 


     This is Sophia's work. 


     This is Sophy's work. This week's themes are birds and animals. 


     I often spot-check if the girls are seated on their seats before the other teachers come. Usually, it's a mess. However, their buttocks seem to be stuck to the seats in the photo. 


     Today the girls have fun looking at the postcards, which makes me feel happy. 


Fourth exhibition:


The theme for the fourth week is plant collage. This is Sophy's work. 


This is Sophia's poster. 


And these are, my babes! 


     The atmosphere in the classroom is rather solemn. 


     On the field, our green team takes the lead right from the beginning. 


     We are overtaken halfway through the game. 


     But in the end we outrun the orange team. 


     In the end Na grabs the championship for us. 


     Every time I watch a relay game, I can't help feeling excited and touched. On the day of the game, my allergy makes me shed tears all the way through. I figure it's also because I am emotionally overwhelmed. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My sunshine boys / 我的陽光男孩


Much as I want to face myself, I still can’t help feeling lost.


     My white Macbook decides to crash at the same time.


     However frustrated I am, I spot sparks of fire in the boys’ doodles, which whisper, “You can do it, you can do it all over again!”