Sunday, December 15, 2013

Miss Moon / 思思與月亮


Because I'd like to be devoted to the preparation of the annual picture book contest of Hsin-yi Foundation, I haven't updated my blog for one and half months.


   I noticed my change this year. I learned to pace myself and enjoyed the process. Though there were moments when I was upset with myself or when I couldn't control the printing quality, yet, I was lucky enough to submit my story before the deadline . 


   When I felt like lazing around, Kai would act as my supervisor asking constantly, "Why aren't you drawing? How did the story go?" He made me feel so guilty that I had to crawl back to the study. Kai and Von also asked, "How many times have you participated in the contest? How come you never won?" I didn't have any clue either, but they'd comfort me with their sweet talk: We love your books a lot!


   To look for a better printing shop, I made much research in person. One of the owners said to me: I can't assure if white dots won't be there, but I bet it's not the printing quality that the judges will focus on. I pondered over his words for a long while, and that finally led me to a clear-sounding answer: To me, the contest is no longer about the competition this year. It's about me and myself. After all, the contest is temporary, but this book records Von's childhood and my self-expectations. 


   I went to the Iranian film The Rooster Trademark Paper this week. Every scene so reminded me of my own life. Although I couldn't help feeling anxious and frustrated while preparing the bookn, I always came to the same conclusion: Being able to draw on and on for my whole life, I am such a blessed person!