Tuesday, January 24, 2012

part II / 第二集


Over the past two weeks I have felt the strong need to adjust my state of mind after coming home from the studio. During the weekend it took me two days to recuperate, but I still felt worn out after staying for a whole day in the studio today. The good news is that Momo and I have found a direction to work in.


Right after I moved to the new room, I received three cards to adorn my empty wall. I stared at this letter with no address of the sender for a while to figure out which admirer could live with such unrequited love. 


Looks familiar right? 


It is from Quentin Blake! I had thought he must have discarded my handmade card after the autograph session, but he must have read the back of the card where I attached my address so that he could write back to me! I even told Momo that maybe he didn't finish reading the card and that illustrators are like any of us. I shouldn't take it seriously and stuff. I have to take back my words. 


This simple card drove away the dark clouds above my head. With many things, you won't get the amazing answers until months later. Ah... 


Julian Murmur said...


constance said...

hey hey! xin nian kwai le!

Weichuen You said...

Julian: 真的很激勵人心喔!

Constance: Happy new year to you too! How've you been?

shangyu said...

哇!超感動的!昆丁老爺爺人真好. :)