Friday, January 20, 2012

about loneliness 3 / 關於寂寞 3


In Camberwell you can find as many barbershops as fried chicken shops. There are also Kentucky and McDonald's, but these fried chicken shops run by immigrants from the Middle East go for the market strategy of low prices. A meal is available at the price of lower than 3 pounds. I often see kids holding a pack of fried chicken or chips to satisfy their hunger after school. It's the same as what we do with bang bang chicken in Taiwan. 


I chose Chicken Coop today. I don't know if it was the projection of my state of mind, but like Hemingway wrote, this shop was clean and well-lighted but so lonely. 


I am not someone who easily feels lonely, but lately I have had the feeling that I am going to use up my quota of loneliness in this life. No worries. I won't do silly things. I do think this is good for my drawings though...

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