Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tell a Story / 說故事


This week our assignment of the CD cover design is coming to an end. I have to admit that this time I did a very terrible job. Because I wasn't able to stick to my role as a leader, I failed to communicate well with my team members and I was very unhappy doing the drawings.


Yesterday I had an honest discussion with Momo about why we didn't feel the joy of drawing anymore, and in the end we even didn't know what to draw. We tried to rid ourselves of the box imposed on us and went back to the earliest message the tutors gave--tell a story with your design. Our record label is TROJAN, which releases Jamaican music. In fact, personally I find the story behind this label very amazing. Can you imagine the pop music of a colony landing the chart top of its ruling country? Besides, in the beginning the albums were made with very simple sound systems. I can't imagine one day we'll all sing the pop songs of Southeastern Asian immigrants in Taiwan.


When I left the studio, Momo said, "Whether we'll use our images in the end or not, at least we interpret the label in our own ways." This sentence set me free from the boredom that trapped me during the past two weeks. Right, I want to draw happily and draw what I feel like drawing.


I did some research and felt so down-to-earth.


About life and art, there is so much I have to learn! 

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