Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where is my house? / 我的房子呢?


People long for different things at different ages. I am still passionate about traveling, but in recent years, the desire for owning an apartment of my own has grown so strong. For certain personal reasons, I will have to stay at my parents' for another few years, but that does not stop me from dreaming of buying my own place. As a matter of fact, I have been diagnosed as a patient of LAAC, Lacking an Apartment Choler. When my parents return from a long trip, my symptoms will become especially obvious. For example, I am generally very calm and nice, but then I'll turn into an irascible person, not in the mood for chatting with my parents.


When I am home alone, my paints and paper are thrown everywhere in the living room. I'd play classical music and it sounds so lovely echoing in the large space. I believe that Beethoven and Chopin are as happy as I. However, when Dad and Mom are there too, our living room is more than crowded, auditorily speaking. My Mozart has to fight hard against the loud voice of gossipy hosts on TV. Sometimes Dad watches Chinese opera, which he never did in the previous 57 years in his life. I myself feel so tortured with so much noise in the same space, not to mention the heavyweight ancestors in classical music.


Yet, the above-mentioned instance does not compare to one most important reason. That is, whenever I return home from a trip, I am always shocked to find that my little drawing table, which I depend on SO MUCH spiritually, is gone! To a certain extent, it's like the principal at school fires me without my knowledge when I am away. My family hardly realizes my panic, but if I have a house of my own, I can avoid the tragedy.


Winky said that Danish people move away from home at the age of 18. I sometimes can't help wondering how my life would be if I had been on my own feet for the past 13 years. Well, it won't be too late to move out before my second 18th birthday. Now, I'll just have to work hard for my future little place!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rebirth / 重生


It took me a while to upload my new design during this weekend. I guess all this mess had something to do with the fact that I hadn't revised the layout of my blog for a year. I had planned to come up with a new look for my blog before summer vacation, but I had a serious artist block then. Luckily, I still made it before the end of summer. Well, there are finally my little room and postcards all in one. For the visitors of my little room, thank you for your lovely support, and more important, the door will be open for you always!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

about flying / 關於飛行


It is an ultimate bliss that you do not look back with any worry during take-off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fresh for 30 days / 賞味期限30天


Special thanks to Jason, Vincent, May and Tiffany.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Taipei vs London / 台北和倫敦之間


You wrote that it has started drizzling in London, but not everyone uses an umbrella. As a matter of fact, the mild rain in Great Britain makes it a perfect place for carrying an umbrella like an elegant lady. In Taiwan, we can't do without umbrellas on both rainy and sunny days. Yet the weather often goes to extremes. It's either fierce typhoons or torrential rain. Does God know how much efforts we make to hold the umbrellas firmly in our tiny hands?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Postcard of good will / 善意的明信片


A while ago, on my trip to Japan, I couldn't afford to write any postcard because I was eager only to heal the trauma I've suffered at work during the past half year. It takes tons of enthusiasm to send a greeting to friends, and that is possible merely when I am full of vibes. As a matter of fact, I took the trip this summer completely for myself.


While we were strolling on the streets in Odogo, I accidentally found the sign that points to an art museum. Even though it's so small in size that the tour guidebook doesn't mention any word about it, my curiosity was aroused. We wandered at noon in the quiet neighborhood. When we were about to give up, we found Seki Museum right there, hiding among other houses for residential use. However, inside, it is so amazing, whether in terms of the decoration or the atmosphere. There were only two ladies working in the whole building, and two visitors, a.k.a. my mom and I. But their service was more than perfect. The ladies took care to turn on the music clock and DVD player for us at the right time. What was more important, the paintings were far better in quality compared with those in some other museums we had visited on the same trip. There is even a tiny yet lovely yard specially designed so that when visitors look out from the room, they feel calm and relaxed. I have to say that it wouldn't be a bad idea to spend the whole afternoon there.


Before we left, I couldn't help but buy a postcard as the souvenir of this low-key trip. One of the ladies, detecting my love for art, offered to give me one for free. I was so moved that I could only wow with smiles all over my face. I went for a postcard with one painting that impressed me at first sight. After thanking her, I decided to send the postcard of good will to myself.


It would be an exaggeration to say that this postcard saved me, but it certainly will remind me again and again how kind Japanese people can be. (Well, last year, when we were in Italy, we were requested to pay even for the small and thin plastic bag for the postcards.) If you still have some passion this summer, there is a good chance for you to make your customized postcards. There are still 17 days left before the deadline for Benq postcard contest. Even with so little time, don't give up the chance to send yourself or your beloved ones some postcards.


Link to Benq postcard contest:


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Drifting on the sea / 漂流的旅行


Lately I've received tons of email from those online artists I worked with last year. Our collaborative journal book was missing on its journey around the world. After Rebekah's search, the ducks are actually taking a break somewhere in the U.S. Though everyone contributes no more than six pages, I would lament if the one and only book got lost.


In fact, Eric Carle's inspiration for the book 10 Little Rubber Ducks originated from a piece of news in 1992. A ship with all kinds of toys, including rubber ducks and other bathtub toys fell overboard and washed up on shores all around the world. It looks like if ducks do not have the experience of traveling to every corner in the world, they will not deserve the name of "ducks." As for us, we should kick back and wait for their return and all the adventures they've met with on the way.


Last year I wrote a short story based on birthday celebration for the ducks. The birthday of Mimi's pet, Duckiki is coming up. She thinks up many "special" ideas, like taking part in the duck swim meet and feasting on Peking duck. In the end, she decides to invite the duck friends from other countries for a lovely party. In these pictures, I get to see what I was like a year ago. To be honest, I kind of miss my old self!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beautiful summer nights / 美麗的夏夜


God probably knew that I had been kind of downbeat this summer, so I was invited to participate in some arts gatherings during the past two weekends. Finally, I started to recall how wonderful it was to be busy with something I was crazy about and how I had to go on and on.


Last weekend I went down to Kaohsiung with Huei for her documentary exhibition. In the lovely museum of films, we watched the documentaries made half a year ago by a group of teachers who had attended a film workshop. There weren't many viewers, but the themes spoke to everyone. It was a new experience for all the teachers, but the sincere feeling outshone their primitive skills. I was very touched on thinking how everyone had persisted for one single goal.


This weekend, Lilou, who now dwells in France, was invited by Dala Publisher to give a speech on studying Bandes Desinees in France. Speaking of my encounter with her, I first got to know her name in the books translated by her last summer. She also took part in the blog contest held by Chinatimes at the end of 2006. It was amazing that I had a chance to see her in person this year.


I hadn't visited Eslite Bookstore, Hsin-y branch often because of its gigantic size. I go more for smaller bookstores, so I had had some doubts before yesterday evening. However, the speech yesterday was on a mini-scale, held in the detective novel room. In the room with wooden floor, we were surrounded by tons and tons of books. This was my first time going to a speech in a bookstore, and I have to say it was very delightful. I planned to go to Lilou after the talk, but she mentioned my name during the speech even thought she wasn't sure if I was there. Like a child, I was very very excited and moved. I hadn't been encouraged like that for a long time in art.


Lilou not only talked about her own experiences of studying B.D. in France but also telling us that art is a very efficient means of promoting Taiwanese culture. She has been working hard in this field and also believes that there are many people with potential in Taiwan. I saw in her a soul going all out for her belief. She might not be the most influential person, but she is definitely full of light. Even the little fat boy next to me sat through the whole speech!


After the speech, I had a very short chat with Lilou and then came forward another young artist—Grey Monster, who had just finished her book for graduation from college. She had with her the only printed book, and everyone wowed at its quality. We prayed hard that she would find a publisher soon and then we each of us would own a copy of her book. We even pushed her forward to the editor present!


Upon saying goodbye to Lilou, Gray Monster and I walked out of rooms and rooms of books. I said, I was so excited to see these books, but I dreamed of seeing one with my name on it one day. She nodded hard at my words. On our way to the metro station, we chatted about our art dreams, and I even imagined her going to France for further studies one day.


At beautiful summer nights, I thought of the promise I had made to so many people, that is, I have to go on painting. What's more important, it's what I expect of myself. Fortunately, there are still around me so many people who dream.


The link to Lilou's introduction on European Bandes Dessinees:



The link to Lilou's works:



The link to Gray Monster's works:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Romance in the air / 曖昧


During the summer break before the 12th grade, the world is divided into two halves. The hyper sun outside seems to have endless energy. It burns on and on and on. But the air-conditioned classroom is the deep dark sea. The sea animals are lacking in drives and vibes. They try hard to grab the test papers carried by the sea waves. Yet the flesh is so weak...


Finally, thank God it's Friday. When the bell for the noon break rings, kids rush out like prisoners that have been kept in jail for ages, regardless of the blazing sun. Even at the risk of getting a tan, they have to go out to take a breath. In the quiet classroom are girls with lunch boxes and those waiting for the delivery. When I raise my head again, there is a man in my sight. Ah, it's the young and beautiful substitute teacher. At this time, I am suddenly surrounded by some chattering mouths, introducing to me the teacher's charm and the girls' crush.


What happens afterward takes place in slow motion. The shy teacher is about to leave, but girls invite him to stay for lunch. He holds onto the doorknob, thinking hard. Within seconds, he comes in. Girls do not scream or shout, but the fragrance of romance spreads in the air. Within a second, the deep sea becomes fields of flowers of pastel colors.


Before leaving the classroom, I take a deep, hard breath.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

farewell trip / 道別的旅行


You are about to leave. We decide to go on a trip together, as usual. On our way, the sweltering sun shines with dazzling light. Young people around us wear nothing but tanks and shorts, posing endlessly for cameras that never stop clicking. Like waves of seawater, the powerful beats of blooming youth thunder in our ears. We sit quiet and calm on the slightly swaying ferry, breathing in the air that smells of air-conditioning, sweat and salt. When tired, we take a nap in the open-air pavilion nearby, accompanied by an old man who seeks for shelter from the shower. You make a comment on the wrinkles around his eyes and compare them to flowers in blossom. I am impressed by the beautiful lines. They echo to the bay waves right in front of us.


The heat lasts for a whole day. Finally, it cools down in the evening after the rain. So does my indefinable feeling. When the color of the sky isn't so blinding, we take a stroll. After passing through the mysterious tunnel that leads to Chung-shan University, we discover Shi-tze Bay that lies behind it. On seeing the out-of-the-world sight, I realize, I will find answers to all soon.


We take out the cameras, aim at the sunset in the distance. We can't help but click the button non-stop. I am desperate to freeze that moment, but no matter how many photos I take, they are never enough. I then focus at people playing in water around me. In this way, when I look back on this trip, I will remember clearly the positions of everyone and everything, even their colors and moods. I turn to you. You are still there, trying to capture tiny details that others are not aware of. That is how you are in my memory.


The sun lowers. We keep recording the bright moments before the dark and recall the fragments of our last trip. The beaches of Shi-tze Bay and Bali Island are so alike. Every trip we take together feels so familiar, yet we move on regardless of the beauty of the past. I've already forgot many things that took place yesterday, not to mention the distance between today and tomorrow. I will miss you, but in the meanwhile, I understand that each of us has our own plans for life. And I am so proud of your confident stride.


At a certain moment, the sun drops without any sound into the sea. When I am to put away my camera, the moon is already on the other side. You grin without any nostalgia, saying that we will see each other soon. I think so too.


In the violet nightfall, we head for the next destination. After you leave, it strikes me that there is not even one picture we took together in our cameras. Well, that's fine...