Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why can't I / 我不能


Because I don't feel like throwing a tantrum, because I want to always act mature, one day I can't help asking myself, "Why can't I lose my cool?" Isn't it unbalanced to lose the ability to lose control?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gentle Rebel / 溫和的反骨


My students and I are coming up with a collection of short stories at the end of this month. The theme is   the age of 16. They talked me into writing one too so that we will have 16 stories. It took me some time to study my photos taken at 16 for illustration references. I am wondering if I already knew that I was a gentle rebel then...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Good Friend / 好朋友


For a single woman in her thirties like me, having girl friends MATTERS! Luckily, I am always accompanied by a beautiful angel. 


My good friend Hui's birthday is around the corner, and here are the gifts I made with heartfelt gratitude and warmth!

Friday, April 05, 2013

My "Ding" Moment 2 / 靈光乍現 2


On my bus ride one day, an old man moves to the front of the bus when his stop approaches. As he stands in front me waiting, a crazy idea flits across my mind because of his short and chubby figure: It'd be nice to hug him. No sooner has the thought occurred to me than he falls. Luckily, my hands reach out in time before his bottoms hit the floor. And it's a long hug for I do not let go until he safely gets off the bus...

Thursday, April 04, 2013

My "Ding" Moment / 靈光乍現


One one mid-term day, after the bell rang, I was almost through distributing the test papers. Still, one girl was staring at her cellphone. I couldn't help confiscating it from her, murmuring silently that this student was really out of the loop. Since I love being an observer, I spent the next hour studying her. From the words on the back of her T-shirt, I found she's an athlete of the tug-of-war team. Also, she was fidgeting most of the time during the exam since there weren't many questions she could answer. 


After the exam, I called her forth, bidding her not to turn on the cellphone before the day was over. While passing the cell to her, I accidentally touched her palm. When I felt the hard calluses,  I was electrified as if I saw her whole life play out in front of my eyes at that moment.