Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year / 新年


I'd been thinking for a few days if I should move. I was not willing to do it in the beginning, but I have no confidence in the self-discipline of the young people in my block. The managers also hinted that it'll be wiser for me to make the move because the room on the 3rd floor is quieter. Yesterday I accepted the decision to move willingly.


However, this morning when I woke up, something had gone over me. What had troubled me last week all came back to me with their positive messages revealed. I finally got what God wanted to say by giving me the "tests." When Jazel came to help me move, I told her, "I should have full faith in God. There's a purpose behind moving." She tilted her head asking, "Since when have you been converted?" I  couldn't bear with her simplicity and replied, "I wouldn't put it that way. I think I need a change of environment mentally and physically."


My new room, compared with the old one, is much smaller. It faces the road. There is no deafening music from the same floor or noise from the young people gathering outside the windows. Occasionally I can hear cars whizzing by. PK said this is going to be a very different experience. 


After moving, Jazel and I went to the Asian market for buying the ingredients for our Chinese New Year's Eve dinner. Today I no longer feel that I have to work hard to prove something. Nor do I want to draw compulsively. I just want to enjoy BEing... 


Jazel said that we have to eat oranges to have good luck. 


Today's dessert was blueberry and banana pancake. 


Our entertainment after dinner was writing calligraphy. We scribbled on stacks of red paper. We even wrote something cheesy like "I can't love you enough." 


Since the start of this term, I had gone through ups and downs. Today I said goodbye to all those struggles, and thus strode into my dragon year. I am going to live well. Next time when I pack, I'll be out of here forever. Dad said on the phone, "Next year you'll have Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with us again." Exactly. In the coming five months, all I have to do is live happily. Other things don't matter anymore. 


Best wishes to my dearest family and friends...


By the way, I have a new room number. My current address is as follows: 

Weichuen You 
room 97, Brooke Hall, 17 Flodden Rd. Camberwell, SE5 9LH, London, UK 


shangyu said...

再過幾個月就可以見到妳了 ~~ YA
好想妳哦 :)

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