Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Little Prince / 我的小王子


When I tiptoed home late on a weekend night, a tiny soft sound greeted me, “Auntie Wanda!” The Little Prince stuck his head out of the door. He looked at me with a pensive face, “I have a question for you.” He whizzed into the living room and came to me with a doodle we had done together a few weeks earlier. He pointed at the car with three people in it. “Do you remember who they are?” I searched for the answer in my memory, “The passengers are Granny and Little Auntie. The driver is Uncle Jun.” My reply took off the weight on his mind. “That’s what I thought.” Seeing him all alone, I couldn’t help asking, “It’s late. How come you aren’t in bed?” He said, “I was waiting for you to ask you the question. Now I have the answer. I can go to sleep.” Lining his cars on the table, he walked into the dark to his sweet bed.


My Little Prince has a mature and childlike soul. I have no clue what he’ll turn out to be in the future, but I want more than anything to keep the moment when he took a small problem seriously, which so moved me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Decision / 決定


From the end of September, I’d been planning the exhibit with the incredible stamina of the Energizer bunny. There was so much I wanted to say, and I didn’t want to do without any detail. So I couldn’t whisk away the question mark in my mind—Is it really possible for me to come up with a decent exhibition in two months?


Halfway through this week, at the final stage of trying my forms of expression, it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken into account the needs of the viewer. I was blinded by my strong desire to share the experiences. Yet for me, art should go beyond self-expression. I expect myself to be an artist who can interact and communicate with others through my images.


Thus, I made a decision which was rather discouraging but necessary. I can’t make it for the exhibit in January next year. I have to back out of the duo exhibition with Shaggy, who will be the solo artist in TOTE Café then. I have much faith in her because compared with my works, there is a very clear theme in hers.


It took me a month and four journal books to come so far. I seem to have gone back to the starting point. However, without these trials and errors, I wouldn’t find my direction. Despite my disappointment, I know I’ll come to this decision anyway. I don’t want just to draw. I want to draw well.


Please don’t miss Shaggy’s exhibit. You’ll get a heavy and satisfying taste of Spain!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Woodpecker / 啄木鳥

小方繪 / by Von


This piece, unlike the previous ones, was all done by Von himself. I didn’t give him any hand at all. I am so proud of him that I requested that he take a photo with his own work like a champ!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Black Holes / 黑洞


Black holes dwell inside everybody. I want to take a tour to mine, and when I emerge, I will say to them: even though I roll and turn in all that black, I still come out of you white and unpolluted!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Island Keeper / 小島管理員

「絕無完全空白的空間或時間這回事,總是有可以觀看或聆聽的事物。」 約翰凱吉

There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear.” --John Cage


Most of us so take the repeated daily routines for granted, or we feel helplessly trapped. At the end of last week, my class was rewarded with a very unique opportunity for a surreal life experience. We were given five days off “thanks to” HINI. But I was the only privileged lucky one, being permitted to carry on with my everyday work, give lectures to Class Love, grade assignments and prepare teaching materials in the office. The only and the biggest difference was that whenever I entered our classroom, I was greeted only by the somber-looking curtains and scattered handouts on the dusty floor.


My work life continued, but I wasn’t so sure about my identity as a teacher. We are so used to our various roles that few would question the validity of each. During the past few days, it dawned on me that my role as a teacher makes sense because of the existence of students, and only confirmed by these specific girls I have at present. Those I encountered in the past or will encounter in the future, in terms of realistic factors, don’t validate my current status at work. I am not denying the absolute significance of our existence, but we can by no means overlook the relative meanings of our roles in life.


On the day before the girls returned, I decided to go for a look at the empty classroom, airing the space a little bit, and uttering my feeling in the pictorial form. I said to myself, “Isn’t it a seemingly ordinary luxury to be trapped in petits train-trains?” After all, that is a sign saying nothing goes wrong.

While I was leaving marks, everyone in class echoed back to me in their respective ways. Pamela, isolated in her small cell and accompanied by a pet bird, created a superb haiku, which I definitely have to share with the world here: (I revised it a little while typing. The broad-minded Pamela will forgive me for that.)

Ciao, Miss You
This is a short haiku
A small gift for you
You know on Friday there was a sudden news
That we’d been defeated by the flu
Three days in the classroom no “Bonjour”
You were the only one left to suffer the solitude
The bad mood loomed
Oh, poor Miss You
But I don’t have a clue
Why there was no panic found in your attitude
You should have been blue
I think maybe you were being mute
Oh, strong and calm Miss You
So much we’ve been through
Life would suck without you
At this very moment we parachuted
Together developing our long love affair
Love will always be with our
Sweetest Miss You
--by Pamela Huan