Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mount Ali Rules! 4 / 我愛阿里山 4

Chapter 4: No letters

It was only a short three-day trip, but saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing in the world. "My dear..."

On the way, everyone laughed and had fun. I was low in spirits because I kept thinking of you.

When I saw the beautiful scenery in the mountain, I was inspired.

I wrote down how much I missed you under the tree.


"Are you ok?" "Did you get hurt?" "Do you know who we are?"

Alas! There is no postbox! How am I going to send out the letter?

We drove in the mountain and couldn't see any postbox.

Not even in the city, on the streets lined with houses.

In order to search for a postbox, we opened wide our eyes as if we had installed radar in them.

"Is that a postbox?" "Nope, it's a bin for recycled clothes."

"Got you!" "Well, that's an electricity box..."

Again, our doubts for Chia-yi City surfaced. "People here don't write letters?" "To be honest, I have no clue though I am a local from here..." Uncle replied.

If I lived here, I would be drowned in thousands of mail I couldn't send out...

"This is our last chance. There are schools on this street. Let's give it another shot!"

"Isn't that the green postbox we are looking for?" We screamed in ecstasy. We'd never been so excited about a postbox.

"Dear Mr. Yu, do you feel the fresh air in the mountain when you read the letter?" Auntie is super-duper nice! She thought of me even when she was away on a trip!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mount Ali Rules! 3 / 我愛阿里山 3

Chapter 3: Sunrise

Before leaving for Mount Ali, Mira's life was MORE THAN DARK...

She dreamed of the sunrise of Mount Ali and prayed that it would sweep away all her bad luck.

With hope, she fought all the way up to the mountain top just for the sunrise. "Go go everybody!”

at Season Star B & B
She couldn't wait to inquire about the sunrise with the couple friends.

The host: To see the sunrise, you'll have to get up at 2:30 am.

Mira: Well, that sounds fair.

The host: It takes 1 hour and half to drive from here to Mount Ali.

Mira: Kinda far...

The host: Afterwards, you'll have to take the little train to go up.

Mira: Wow, isn't that a lot of work...

The host: There are too many clouds tonight. Chances are there'll be no sunrise tomorrow.

Right when Mira was about to despair, the hostess rekindled her hope. "I have a good idea!"

The hostess: We'll see if the weather is fine tomorrow. If so, we'll go wake you up.

Mira thought, "That's fine…"

Before 30, Mira thought as long as she made efforts, she would get what she wanted.

After 30, she realized that life isn't so simple. Sometimes it's easier to go with the flow and spare herself all that heart-breaking drags...

6:45 a.m.

The host: It's time to go see the sunrise!

Mira: Hey, we might see the sunrise! Get up!

The four people got dressed in a rush and hurried to the top of the building.

The host: I think that's it. The sun is blocked by the clouds...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mount Ali Rules! 2 / 我愛阿里山 2

Do you still remember the tender couple? The following story is the sequel to the previous comic strip!
We are getting married! Kay & Uncle

Chapter 2: The Backseat

Six a.m., half an hour later than planned in our itineraries. The driver is not far away, taking his time. The passengers were not very patient, especially the lady next to the driver's seat.

Kay: What the hell is he doing? If he doesn't get in the car now, we won't be able to arrive at Alishan before noon, and then we'll lose a lot of precious time, and then..."

Kay's monologue: Am I really going to marry this turtle-slow guy? I am not THAT sure now...

Kay: Darling, what do you like about me?
Uncle: Damned! He had the nerves to cut in on me?

Uncle's monologue: Nice as I am, I can never ever ever bear being cut in on! Rude drivers are my worst enemies! You are toast!

Mira: Gee, the slow guy has his impulsive moments too! I am so scared!
Spooky: Call your little bro and buy the travel insurance for the four of us right away!

(PS: Mira's little bro is a professional insurance man, in case you don't know. In case you need any service, please write to Mira's email address at

Kay: Darling, what's the hurry? Take your time...We know better than place our lives at stakes because of that rat. We are so not in a rush. Come, take a deep breath!

Well, these two people are meant for each other. When one of them is fast, the other slows him or her down. They have the just right tempo between them. Mira & Spooky's monologue: Oh, we are so envious...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Mount Ali Rules! 1 / 我愛阿里山 1

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Motorcyclist

On our way to Mount Ali, a motorcyclist caught our attention. It was rather difficult to tell if that was a man or a woman...

We squinted our eyes trying to get a better look.

The gender-perplexing back possessed the maternal thickness and the masculine sturdiness. Oh, we were so confused!

Spooky said, "That's a man, it goes without saying!" Mira objected, "No no, it's a woman!" Kay replied, "The motorcylist looks like a middle-aged lady that has gained weight because of childbirth." Uncle muttered, "Um, I think it's a woman too."

To find out the truth, we decided to speed up. "Did you see the face?" "Only the profile!" "Ok, let's move a little faster!"

When we saw the motorcylist close-up, we were stunned..."It was a man!" Well, the shoulder-length, curly, dyed hair happens to be really in for men from Chia-yi...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mount Ali Rules! / 我愛阿里山


During the past few days of my disappearance from the blogsphere, when I could afford to, I would imagine myself as one of the visitors of my blog. I would ask myself, "What is this girl busy with?" Well, I was occupied with retrieving my appetite for painting. I took a trip to the beautiful Mount Ali for new year countdown away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here is the good news. My new story is coming up! Here is the introduction of the four characters. The first series will come up right away!

1. fiance-Uncle
2. fiancee-Kay
3 third-wheel No.1 : Mira
4. third-wheel No. 2: Spooky