Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camberwell memory 5 / 坎貝爾回憶 5


Since my Camberwell sunshine disappeared in late January, it has been Mr. Black Hat that works in the ticket booth. At first he told me Mr. Sunshine was away on holidays, it was not until later that I realized what Mr. Black Hat meant by that was that Mr. Sunshine won't come back. I used to live and work in a highly stable environment, but after coming here, I have seen too many people come and go. He might smile and kiss goodbye to me one day and vanish the following day.


To my horror, no matter how much I want to deny, I've been learning one thing as I age: Each of us can be replaced. At first Mr. Black Hat crouched behind the counter, but as time passed by, he showed quite a distinctive style. Rain or shine, he always wears a black hat and sun glasses, leaning against the booth in an idiosyncratic manner. It was hard for me not to remember it.


Though I am no more than a passer-by in his life, I can't help drawing him. I just prefer to bid official farewell rather than go away silently...


PS: I've been cleaning my room since this morning. I am too exhausted to get my memory numbers right. Well, I'm leaving for Heathrow Airport to pick up a VIP in an hour, so I'd say, "Let it be..."

Camberwell memory 4 / 坎貝爾回憶 4


I didn't make many new friends this year, but fortunately there are some really great girls in class. They are an important part of my Camberwell memory.

工藤桃子繪 / by Momoko Kudo 


This is summer from Momo for me. 

特蕾莎史地瓦著 / by Tereza Sediva 


Tereza went into the printmaking room to screen-print this image for me. She came in third place in the Milltag jersey competition because of this design. 


After leaving London, I'll draw harder upon thinking of these beautiful people! 

Camberwell memory 3 / 坎貝爾回憶 3


Because of sketching, the people at Christine's all know me. During the hour I spent sketching in the shop, I had many interesting discoveries. For example, I love to observe the butchers' hands. Also, their interaction with the customers was very interesting. I thanked them for letting me stay inside. In the end I bought "the best steak in the world," and I even got a little discount. On the envelope of the cards given to them,  I wrote, "Christine's, my favorite shop in Camberwell." 


See if you can recognize any of them in person when you go to Christine's next time! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camberwell memory 2 / 坎貝爾回憶 2


When I couldn't leave immediately, I thought I was ready. But when I really have to say goodbye to a place and its people, I feel the pressing need to record every scene I see.


Camberwell Green was not originally on my sketch list. But when I got to Christine's on  the sunny Sunday morning, the meat wasn't all there yet. I was asked to go back in another half an hour for sketching. I thus walked into the park, catching sight of a couple sitting next to the rose bush on the grass reading newspapers. In front of them scattered leisurely-looking gray pigeons playing and eating. That was how they made their way into my last sketchbook in the UK...

Camberwell memory 1 / 坎貝爾回憶 1


Now I am no longer a student. After leaving school, the desire to sketch has been rekindled. I want to make use of the time I have before setting out for Scotland next Wednesday.


My no. 1 memory is of course my favorite Myatt's Fields Park. As Damien Hirst honors death with shiny diamonds, I want my memory to stay opulent and luxurious with golden and silver colors!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Love in Summery London / 戀夏倫敦


The second appointment on my farewell agenda took place in Brixton, which is very close to Camberwell. I met up James and Marcia for the last time.


It isn't easy for me to find people that are on my wavelength in London. I am glad to have run into Marcia. She gave me Uncle Quentin's book as a farewell gift. 


On our way to the underground station, we witnessed the humor of a British shop owner, though that doesn't happen often. 


Before turning to go, I joked with the two mature friends saying, "Be nice to each other." 


We passed through Myatt's Fields Park witnessing the biggest sunbathing crowd I'd have ever seen in the park. I was told that summer in London is short lasting about 3 weeks. I am happy to experience such beauty, and also a blossoming relationship...

傍晚要去第三個告別行程,和Damien Hirst的作品見面‧‧‧

I will run for the third appointment on the agenda in the evening, which is meeting up Damien Hirst's works...

No. 67 Cafe / 六十七號咖啡館


I had given my ten-minute presentation. I treated it more as a ritual for myself to wrap up the year than an obligatory assignment. I had said goodbye to the tutors and a small number of classmates. This week summer took us by surprise. After school, the British students gathered in front of the pub while we, a few Asians, hid inside the Turkish restaurant feasting on kebab.


The first appointment on my farewell agenda was with Sul, my ex-neighbor, in No. 67 Cafe next to Camberwell. We'd been talking about having a  get-together. It happened only right before my departure. On the up side, it wasn't so sentimental. Instead, I felt down-to-earth joy, knowing maybe this was just another beginning.


London at this moment is paradisiac. I, with great luck, lost some weight. I am in a mood as cheery as when I first came. The only difference is that I am not so attached to everything here that I can't let go. What I would like to do most is go home, sit down, and concentrate on drawing.


I still have a super huge goal ahead of me. No. 67 Cafe is just a stop on my way there...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembered / 在別人的記憶裡


Tomorrow we are having our last presentation for this year. I will start with my name.


I went to Derek two days ago. He looked at me saying, "You are Shirley?" Though having seen me for several months, he still has difficulty matching my face with my profound name. Well, that said, Shirley is a very beautiful girl and I feel flattered.


Today I went to the bank to close my account. I had thought Dominic had forgot me. It was a surprise that I am still remembered and he even asked me why I don't plan to go on with my studies.


Whoever it is, I will exist in someone's memory, in the form of indelible simplicity.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Sun / 小太陽


Whatever happens, I am still the little Sun! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

No pain, no gain / 這一年


Today was my second last visit to the studio. Before going to school, I took photos of the booklet I had come up with for the narrative illustration project.


This book summarizes my change over the past year. Before I had no idea of the charm of hand-drawn type. I didn't like to edit my images with computer techniques. I was not good at cutting paper either. Luckily, I got the last chance to justify for myself, and I have to say that it is especially sweet when I know all this were traded with insomnia and tears. I got really positive reviews from the tutors as well. Here I'd like to acknowledge Jazel for giving me much assistance in terms of the use of Photoshop. 


I can only turn to the images on my blog if I miss this year in Camberwell, so I took pictures to record the last crit. 


On my way home I passed by two young girls, one of whom said to the other, "No pain, no gain." I've had many challenging moments over the past year, but the ending is as sweet as Momo's cookies. Thank God for giving me such special and beautiful life experience...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

People 2 / 人 2


The last assignment this term is to give a presentation on the summary of the past year. One of the key questions is to talk about what has influenced us. Many of my clasmates give examples of artists or designers, but I find people around me quite interesting.


Having such an obsession with people, I can't help choosing them as my subjects when others go for animals. My biggest epiphany of this year is that I am such a people person! 

人 1 / People 1

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pace / 步調


No one can catch up with the fast pace of London. That's alright. I live here AT MY OWN PACE!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walking a cat / 陪一隻貓散步


Since more than a week ago, we have had a new inhabitant in the courtyard. It is a three-legged cat. Last weekend when I was on my way to the laundry room, it followed me on a quiet morning. I am not a cat lover, so naturally in the beginning I felt kind of intimidated. But upon seeing its milk box empty, I guessed it must have been starved. 


Since then I have become one of its food providers. Though I couldn't bring myself to pet it like others, the milk in my fridge is 100% prepared for it. 


This morning when I went to do the laundry, I filled up the milk box for it, but it still followed me. We stood under the sunshine. I bent forward asking, "Are you lonely too?"  Then I couldn't help caressing it. 


We took a short walk in the courtyard. When Mia from Block A was about to go out, the cat also walked to her for some attention. I asked Mia, "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" She replied, "I don't know, but I kind of hope it's a girl..." That's what I think too...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Myatt's Fields Park in May / 春天的米亞法羅公園


This evening when I raised my head, the tree in front of my window has grown some tender new leaves.


Since I came back from the trip to Cirencester, I have felt the strong desire to stay at home. However, it's my routine to go for a walk in Myatt's Fields Park every day. To be honest, I find it much more beautiful than Keukenhof.


The trees are all clad in green! 


Different kinds of flowers are in bloom one after another as if they were in a relay game. The colors are more than amazing. 


And some clouds, blue sky, and sun. This will be what I miss most about London.