Saturday, December 20, 2008

gifts / 禮物


Lately I've been so busy that my nerves are almost numbed. I have a feeling that I am wasting life. The only thing on my mind every day is to finish all the work that rolls in. But I don't feel any sense of achievement after I rush forward so blindly. This isn't the kind of life I want.


Fortunately, I got a superb gift from John and Sharon--a new art table. Since I got it, I have changed the seating direction. I can hear the jazz music that flows out of the stereo in my room better. On sunny days, the sunshine and I are face-to-face. I feel so happy when I paint.

今天早上讀到令我醍醐灌頂的一句話,Jack Kerouac說,愛著生命的每一個細節,看來我得重新讓我的神經紓緩,好好感受我渺小但美麗的生活。

I read a quote that moved me this morning. Jack Kerouac said, be in love with your life, every detail of it. It seems I have to let my nerves breathe to enjoy my humble yet beautiful existence...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

she deserves a story / 她的故事


Two months ago when I lacked goals again, I came across the announcement of a picture book contest. In the beginning, I made a very big wish to participate in it this year. Everything all went well for the first week. However, after I wrote the story and drew the sketch, I was distracted by the beauty of mini-books and totally fell for it. It wasn't until two weeks ago that my conscience beckoned me to the path I was supposed to take.


I have to say, preparing for a BIG project is kind of like marriage. I start with joy and hope, but as I walk on, it hits me that the sense of responsibility is more important than any sentiment. When engaged in it, some originally trivial ideas which have been pushed back to the back of my mind appear to be particularly tempting at this moment. Sometimes I feel the longing to put down what's in my hands and start another new project. This comparison might seem improper, but I can't deny that we were all born with the preference for new things.


Later I was willing to resume my former plan because I'd always wanted to write a story for my granny, who has been in this world for more than eighty years. She is nobody for most of you out there, but she means a lot to me. I want to draw some pictures for her. She deserves a story and leaves some traces, however light they are. When I thought like that, I had a completely different motive, and I felt different.


Well, there are still moments of fatigue, moments of diffidence. At this time, I especially miss the words of encouragement on my blog. It's certainly one of the most beautiful things to share works with those who care!