Monday, April 21, 2008

Hungarians / 匈牙利人

在最近一封我和「小房間」的駐布達佩斯代表─匈牙利小姐的通信中,她引了這麼一段話來說明匈牙利這個民族:當美籍義裔的物理學家、同時也是諾貝爾獎主Enrico Fermi〈1901-1954〉,被問到他是否相信外星人的存在時,他回答:「他們就存在於我們之中,但是自稱為匈牙利人。」想了這段話好幾天,這個圖面就浮現於我的腦海。

In my latest correspondence with the rep of Little Room from Budapest--Miss Hungary, she quoted some words to describe the Hungarian people. When Enrico Fermi (1901-1954, Italian-American Nobel Prize winning physicist) was asked whether he believed extra-terrestrials existed, he replied, "They are among us, but they call themselves Hungarians." This quote obsessed me for a few days, and then voila, here is the image...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miss Motomiya / 本宮小姐

1) 百貨公司、購物商圈
2) 植物園、動物園
3) 美術館、博物館
4) 廟宇、教堂
5) 咖啡店、酒館

When you travel to a new city, which of the followings will you put on the top of your visit list?
1) department stores, shopping areas
2) botanical gardens, zoos
3) art museums, all kinds of museums
4) temples, churches
5) cafes, bars


Today when I chatted with Miss Motomiya, she said she would like to visit the temples in Taipei, especially Long-shan Temple. It is not because she is a Buddhist. She just wants to say hello to the gods when she travels to different places of the world as a sign of respect. I guess this can explain why the theme of her work this time is connected to the mythical animal--dragon.


This conversation reminds me that every artist has his or her core subject. I like to explore very trivial feeling, ordinary daily life, and fragmental moments. However, on learning Kaoru's point of view, next time when I go to the temple, I should be more patient and try to take a closer look at the architecture of the building and sculpture of the icons. If I am lucky enough to master the art of viewing the world with detachment, I will be free from many worldly restraints.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

historic shot / 熱血寫真


That day, when we were about to call it a day in Guandu Park, Ms. Kaoru Motomiya, the artist from Japan, took out her camera to record the progress of her work. Though I'd learned she was not fond of being the object in photos, she accepted nicely our invitation to take a picture together. (I assume that had something to do with my hard labor work for two days.) You can find Kaoru second from the left. On the right were the volunteer and staff member of the park.


This photo might be nothing other than an ordinary record of a few days spent in Taiwan for Kaoru, who travels around the globe all the time for exhibitions. For me, it means a lot. On the one hand, it reminds me of my burning passion and also my wish--I hope one day, there are people who can be influenced by me, in this way.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

these artists / 藝術家


Lately, I've been filled with wrath. It is targeted not so much at anyone as at myself. The overwhelming emotion prompted me to look for exits, with a more serious attitude than ever. Therefore, I don't think of it as a negative experience at all.


Righ when I was in urgent need to be in contact with the outer world, I was blessed with an opportunity to be part of the third Outdoor Sculpture Festival held by Guandu Park. I thus could observe the selected artists and other volunteers at a closer look. My job was no more than carrying materials and picking pebbles for the artists, but in the meanwhile, I witnessed the artists' attitude toward art. Their names, when keyed into Google, lead to tons of websites, yet they can't care less about their looks. While creating their works, even exposed to the sun, they were so single-minded. They are not eloquent speakers; however, they have such strong commitment to and insistence for their ideas. A lot of them said it is impossible to earn bread by doing only installation art. Still, they go on without any second thought. I guess, the reason for my anger should be that my insistence was gone.


The theme this year is about global warming. In the seminar, the artists not only presented their past works but also mentioned the projects in progress in Guandu Park. Everyone's art concepts are so related to protecting the earth. The artists firmly believe in the power of art, which can be used to remind every human being that our globe has been seriously damaged. They also stress the idea of making their works part of nature. There weren't many people present in the seminar. I don't know how the artists felt since they had flown from their countries to Taiwan, only to see a handful of participants. As the audience, I didn't count much, but I was deeply moved. My art was always for myself. They showed me a vast world, inviting me to take a step and join people.


After going home, I gave some thought to what I could do in response to this issue. From now on, I want to show my concern for the environment in my own ways and make better use of art rather than just live in my own small, narrow world. If you need some stimulation, please take a trip to Guandu Park after April, 18th. The exhibition will continue until September, but during the five months, the artists' works will undergo many changes. The planted seeds will burgeon, rain will reshape twigs and stones. These are the surprises from nature, for which the wise artists have left room in their designs.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

shake off the reins / 脫韁


My heart is about to fly away. Painting is the temporary sedative.