Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers in bloom / 花開


Today on my way home I wondered what the end of February is like in Taiwan. Here, there are bright sunshine and flowers in bloom...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mixed mezze / 中東小點


My life has been kind of boring lately. Well, I might as well introduce food. This is mixed mezze, in other words, small dishes served in the Middle East for lunch or dinner. I go for it because I feel the need to consume more salads. And you can see three lumps of them. The white one at the bottom is yogurt salad, and the yellow pile tastes like couscous salad to me, while the one on the top is coleslaw. As for the two brown balls, they are the famous falafel, deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brighton / 布萊頓


Brighton is located in the southeast of the UK. It is a city with seashores. I was impressed by Hui'trip there before coming to the UK, so I'd always been looking forward to traveling to Brighton. This week after Jazel and I talked of the city on our daily walk, I booked the train tickets right after coming home. My first impression of the city is the uniquely-designed taxis and buses.


The houses in Brighton are very colorful. 


The same with shop deco. 


I stroll accidentally into Brighton farm market. 


In Brighton there are signs everywhere promoting the use of local products. 


Look carefully. There are some people who are fantastically dressed up. The streets are their catwalks. 


I walk into the Lanes, which are basically comprised of many small shops and cafes. I am embraced by a wide array of colors. 


Snooker's Attic is a huge shop selling retro and vintage antiques. 


Graffiti can be found on the walls in the lanes. 


Near trash bins this sign can be seen. It means "No throwing rubbish illegally."


This is Brighton Dome. The day we are there, "National Student Day" event is going on, with some talks and activities. When we inquire about it, it almost comes to an end. However, the staff outside adds, "There is free pizza now." It seems that free food is a huge factor that attracts people to go in. 

「皇家閣」是十九世紀末建築師John Nash仿泰姬瑪哈陵所見,所以有印度的風格。

Royal Pavilion was designed by the architect John Nash at the end of the 19th century, modeled after Taj Mahal. That explains why the style is very Indian. 


Brighton gives tourists not only visual stimulation but also auditory enjoyment. Even away from the seaside, I can hear seagulls everywhere. While sketching, the young people behind me are rehearsing the musical. This city is so full of life. 


The British version of Legally Blonde. 


Leisurely Saturday afternoon. 


I see the sea! 


The Ferris Wheel series. 


I am so happy to see the sea that I call Hui up to share with her the sounds of waves crashing against the shore. 


I share fish and  chips with my young companions on the beach. I feel the need to go back to Taiwan soon. My diet is getting to be less and less healthy. When I first came, I didn't have any appetite for fish and chips because I tried to avoid deep-fried stuff. Now I take such a liking to it. Besides, I wasn't able to finish a serving a few months ago, but now I am totally fine with it. I can feel my "depravity..." 


Luckily my bad digestion stops me from having desserts. 


We spend two hours on the beach without feeling bored. 


There are an arcade and an amusement park on Brighton Pier. The whole place feels so merry. 


So before going home, Jazel repeats her classic line: I want to move to Brighton!