Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sandiaoling Holiday market / 三貂嶺文創市集


Next Sunday (March 26) I am going to Sandiaoling Holiday Market with Irman. Please come join us!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wat Niwet Tham Prawat in Ayutthaya / 大城安娜教堂


Wat Niwet Tham Prawat in Ayutthaya is a temple with a westernized style. First we have to take a gondola ride to cross the river. 


Despite its westernized facade, the place is soothing all the same. 

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Lesson 2 of the Owl Family / 貓頭鷹家族的第二課

Dad: No matter how old my child is, she is always my baby. 

Mom: Though you are an owl, you should hit the sack if you can't stay up! 

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Lesson 1 of the Owl Family / 貓頭鷹家族的第一課


Though we are owls, we don't know how to fly, to be honest. 

Story 1 of the Owl Family: We all need to learn to fly

(from left to right) 
Wayne: Flying is so beautiful! 
Tony: It's not that hard! 
Gee: Follow us. What are you waiting for! 
CC: I am afraid!