Sunday, April 17, 2016

long and beautiful journey / 又漫長又美好


My yearly goal is to participate in the picture-book contest held by Hsin-y publisher and go to the award ceremony wherever the venue is. This time I decided to write only instead of making a book. My work "Sunny and Rain" is shortlisted. 


     Unfortunately, there is no winner in the category of story-writing. However, my failures last year taught me that creating a good story is much more important than winning. The inspiration for my story comes from my trip to North Europe last summer. It surprised me quite a bit to see the raindrops remaining on my umbrella when I opened it after returning to Taiwan. Thus, I was motivated to write a story for the rain. The story comes in handy in the rainy spring here! 


     Writing or making picture books is a reflection of human life in that there are always ups and downs. Maybe your story is particularly amazing this year, but it doesn't guarantee that next year you'll come up with an equally wonderful one. And we all have to bear that in mind instead of taking the outcome of the contest too seriously. 


     I haven't gone to any workshop on children literature for a while. Being on such an occasion once again, the fire in me is rekindled again. Every year I get to see many familiar faces of creators who go all out for the same goal. Though the road to success is paved with challenges and frustrations, my faith is strengthened upon being reminded that the goal that I consider so essential also matters so much to many picture-book makers. 


     This is the runner-up Ms. Yeh for the category of picture books. Her story is inspired by her daughters picking leaves and seeds in the park. 


     This is the winner of the special award Ms. Hsiao. She won the award twelve years ago. During the interim when she didn't create, she spent time observing and thinking. These words really impress me. 


     The winners of the best picture book this year go to the famous pair Mr. Guo and Mr. Chou. Their story is inspired by their pet dog. 


     The host also gives the lifetime achievement award to the renowned artist Mr. Zhou. His exhibition is also held at the same time. 


     What moves me most is seeing Mr. Lin again. Though he is in his 90s, he is still dedicated to writing for children. I definitely want to be as hard-working as he is! 


     To top the afternoon off, we spend my evening in the company of fireflies and a can of honey beer in the suburban hill. Well, you know what? I am going to start all anew again! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

When it's not raining / 不下雨的時候


I get up at five in the morning to draw on a rainy day. Basking in the orange light in my study, I can't imagine a more poetic day. 


     Sophy says she's like a small fish in the ocean. I feel there's joy and beauty in swimming in a watery city like a small fish. 


     So I can't help missing the rain when it's not raining. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

fun on rainy days / 下雨天的娛樂


I need to doodle today, and here is the new look of my potted plant! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Timing / 時機


I was moving too fast a while ago. Over the past few weeks my loss of goals has slowed me down and given me time to think. I, again, realize that everything has its agenda. I can't make it happen no matter how determined I am. 


     I have begun my third-year everyday postcard project with Shaggy, which means we have more than eight hundred postcards now. Though we'd like to carry out our plan of holding a postcard exhibition, I find that it takes time to find the right venue. Maybe we will have to put it off until next year, but I told Shaggy, "That means we have more postcards to choose from!" 


     Before it's time, I will wait and be well-prepared!