Wednesday, January 04, 2012

two pieces of candy / 兩顆糖果


I am leaving Budapest tomorrow. Today I mailed out Von and Kai's gifts. I still felt like drawing a postcard for the boys, so when I got to the post office, I sat down to draw as if it were my living room. The guard nearby looked at me for a long time, trying to figure out why this woman acted so. I nodded at him when I left, and he responded with shyness. Hungarians are art lovers, so I must have made good use of that here. 


I went to California Coffee Company for sketches in the afternoon. When I was going to call it a day, a young boy resembling Ethan Hawke, along with his friend, walked up to me, asking me to do a sketch of them. I was a little bit nervous in the beginning because the boy is rather cute. He had a cool pose with his hand resting against the chin, his forefinger on the upper lip. He turned his face slightly to the left as if he were pondering over serious matters of life. Unfortunately I didn't measure the position of the forefinger precisely, and it ended up resting on the nostril. I volunteered to do one more sketch for them. When I showed the first one to them, the boy acted out the first image. Before they left, they gave me two pieces of candy as my reward. 


Though I also sketched on my previous trips, my experiences in Budapest this time are not quite the same. I feel I've moved forward. I might be still far away from my goal and I need so much more confidence, but at the present moment when I have limited ability and confidence, I don't forget to tell myself, "You can do it!" I am going back to London with this new epiphany so that I'll have different stories to share in the new year. 

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