Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camberwell in the daytime / 白天的坎貝爾


This morning when I looked back on yesterday's dinner with the law professor, it was like a dream. But another new day was awaiting me, so I made a resolution: Today's mission is successfully opening a bank account. For foreign students like me, I need a formal document from the school stating my legal status in the UK. Thus I set out my walking tour from Brooke Hall to Camberwell School of Arts to explore the Camberwell community. 


I passed by a junior high school on my way, and I could see everything that was happening in the classroom. I suddenly had an attack of nostalgia. 


On the other end of the road is an exotic church. The totem gave me the feeling that no matter what decision I have made, I'll always be able to look on the bright side. 

到達學校之前會經過另一座教堂叫St. Giles Church,秋日裡兩位女子的背影特別動人。

Before arriving at the school, I'll pass by another church named St. Giles' Church. The two ladies' backs on a clear autumn day form a wonderful picture. 


While waiting for the lady at the enrollment office, a young girl in pink was waiting together with me. Glimpsing at her English reference book written partially in Chinese, I asked her where she came from with curiosity. She turned out to be a Mainlander. Haha, I'd reached the quota of making a new friend a day. She asked if I am going to graduate school here. I replied in a very nice way, "Well, I should given my age, but the thing is, I am a foundation degree student like you." When I looked around, all the girls at the counter are no more than 20 years old. Maybe they'd wonder to themselves, "What is this old lady doing here?" If I were in my early 20s, I would say to myself, "You'd better not do the same thing when you are in your 30s." However, I am right here without any bit of shame. Even if I don't have much talent, I can at least get the consolation prize right? 


Strange to say, a lot of people had warned me about British people's not being especially friendly. Yet I have been helped in many many ways since my arrival. Even I myself find it amazing. Gladys originally told me that it takes five days to get an official letter, but I tried to persuade her to believe my sincerity in wanting to pay the full tuition fee asap. Then she said, "OK, I'll give it to you in ten minutes." The only possibility I can think of is that I can communicate with them. Kiddo, don't overlook the importance of English! 


I thought there are flying fish only on the Orchid Island in Taiwan, but we have a flying fish restaurant in Camberwell too! 


Now I am seriously addicted to writing blog posts. My USB reader was probably overused by me. However, I can't imagine not being able to upload the photos and stupid stories on a daily basis. I found an electronic device store on the street. The owner, who's from a visa-free country neighboring China (please let me know the answer if you do because I told him that I am going to Google it), has a typical line, "This should be 15 pounds, but you look like a nice lady, so I am  going to sell it to you for 10 pounds." Only if he knew that it costs less than 3 pounds in Formosa Taiwan. Next he went on to promote a cheap cell with the same line. Well, I can only burn a limited amount of money a day, so after I chatted with him about Thailand, Taiwan and China, I took off. 


In the afternoon I took my official document to meet with Dominic. The following story can be summarized into a pathetic middle-aged woman flirting with a young bank representative. He asked me what I think of Britons. I said that they are really nice. He looked at me in disbelief, asking if I had heard about the stereotype about British people. I told him that I have to get a new account by hook or by crook. I was still talking with my American accent, but he made the comment, "You've been here only for five days, and you've picked up the British accent?" We talked too happily so that some African British ladies barged in lecturing him, "When will you be done? Didn't you see the queue?" Right, he should be nice to his British fellows, and it doesn't make sense for him to be so friendly toward a foreigner. Anyway, not to make matters worse, I fled with the papers of my new account. 


After I came out of the bank, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. I took a stroll in the park and observed people around me. I kind of got carried away, forgetting that I am not here for political campaigns. It's time for me to calm down and draw...


葉凱特 said...

你會不會在英國閃婚啊 這麼多愛慕者...

Grace Tan said...

我也發現了每天來看都有新增! 而且還常常不只一篇呢! 我很喜歡你在英國的生活紀錄!

有飛魚餐廳好棒, 不知道英國的飛魚是不是也是一樣鹹?

Grace Tan said...

Is the visa-free country Nepal or what? Did you google it?

Patty said...

1. 妳已經被提名今年度勇氣獎了!明年頒給妳!
2. 好的!我們會好好學英文的!
3. 哇,那題好難 @@ 順手查了一下怎麼覺得沒有符合描述的國家?

Anonymous said...

you definitely look like in your early 20s~! haha!!

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Kate: 你慢慢看啦,我游某人還是有些理性的啦!







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