Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Little Room

之前為我的品牌取為Little Room,但這個名字早已屬於日本一家服飾公司,所以這兩天我進行正名運動,我把品牌名改成My Little Room,連名片也都得重做。

I named my brand Little Room, but the name belongs to a Japanese apparel company. These two days I've worked on renaming my brand My Little Room. I have to redo the business cards as well. 


Many thanks to my friends who suggest my making business cards. I also thank those who offer to distribute them for me. I am at a very awkward stage now because I am leaving soon. It's not the right timing for mass production. However, I know well that this is a crucial strategy for long-term development. 


Yesterday I drew the 60 business cards until eleven pm. No two cards are identical. I guess I can't stand repeating the same thing, which is why I am on the path to becoming a creative. These cards will fly to the US to my marketing manager Bean in the US. I'll go on to produce more business cards for the Taiwan area. Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself, "Today you have to do your best!"

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Grace Tan said...

我等著收喔! 也等不及好好宣傳了! 我保證一定會努力使用恰當! :D