Monday, September 26, 2011

the space of a museum / 博物館的空間


Victoria and Albert Museum was named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Founded in 1852, it houses the largest collection of decorative arts and design in the world. On my first visit there a few days ago, I was in quite a relaxing mood for a casual walk. I ran into so many adults and teenagers drawing sketches; that kind of collective power was rather infective.


What I find special about this museum is that the display rooms are not just square or rectangular space. Though I checked out only a few exhibitions, I was rather impressed by the variety of space. 


For example, the arch-shaped gallery in the photos above has a high ceiling through which the museum-goers can see the blue sky. Also, there are sofas for people to sit down and rest. The exhibition in this hall is old photos taken in Europe. This is a more-than-perfect venue for lovers' dates. 


Since one of the major themes of the museum is decorative arts, it possesses a feminine quality lacking in  other museums.


The toilet is also decorated with a fantastic artwork, and only in the mirror can you see the complete work. 


We can go for a picnic around the water fountain for a break. 


A kid leaves her footprints after playing in water. 


Though I have no clue why these people don't have to work, but it's one of the biggest luxuries in life to sit in the museum and think about nothing, not pressured by time, on a sunny autumn day. 


This is my new friend--Jazel from Malaysia. 

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