Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moonlight in London / 倫敦的月光


Before going on my Mid-Autumn Festival dinner date, I sat in front of my desk, again, taking in the lovely view of a sunny autumn day. My young floor mates were chatting happily outside in groups. It occurred to me that I should go on with the lesson of applying mascara. Looked like I made some progress. I thus left Brooke Hall with Maggie Chang's style of crazy hair.


I got to the second floor of the double-decker, wanting to enjoy the cityscape of London, but the moment I sat down, a young African British boy approached me. He started the conversation by asking me if the bus goes to the Elephant and Castle station. I suggested that he ask the driver, but later I found that he just wanted to talk. But to be honest, I didn't understand his English very well. I was on the defense, but since he didn't have any bad intention, I pretended to be laidback. Then he asked me if I could give him my phone number and address. I said that I don't have permanent ones for the time being. He then took out his cell and gave me his number. Well, I can be very mean to men, as some people know, but at that moment, I took out my journal very nicely and copied the number. He went on to ask, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I replied before I thought about the answer, "Yes, I do." with unshakable firmness in my words. Afterwards, he got off the bus, which gave me a huge relief. 

進了聖潘克拉國際車站,被一陣叫喊聲吸引住,是個爺爺在發免費的晚報,他的standard發音發得很有意思,會讓人以為他在賣糖炒栗子,我拿了一份報時,他對我說:Good evening my dear。我知道他一定都這麼稱呼每個人,但那一刻我的心暖了起來。

When I entered St. Pancras International Train Station, I was attracted by a voice calling with a dramatic rhythm. It was an old sir distributing free evening papers. He pronounced the word "standard" with such intonation that I mistook him for a fried chestnut vendor. When I took a copy from him, he said to me, "Good evening my dear." I certainly knew that he said that to everyone, but at the instant, his words warmed my heart. 


St. Pancras International Train Station is the door to other European countries, so there's excitement about traveling in the air when people walk in. 


In fact, the dinner date today totally dropped out of the sky. I met James 11 years ago in New York City, but we haven't stayed in contact at all. He happens to be living in London at this point, and considerate Carol invited him to have dinner with me for fear that I might feel lonely on Mid-Autumn Festival. 


I've defined myself as a poor overseas student. However, due to my age, the new friends introduced by my existing friends won't bear resemblance to any of my floor mates who fall more into the category of decadent artists. Since fate took me to such a classy restaurant, I could at least take photos to impress my blog readers. 


On seeing me taking one shot after another, James asked: Are you one of those photo-taking maniacs? I was too embarrassed to tell him that my every day here is paid by the hard money I earned over the past few years. Of course I have to keep some records. Simple as I am, I know that was the right occasion for such bare reality. I simply answered, "For my blog readers." 


On my bus ride home, the moon followed the double-decker no matter where we went. After I got off, I was so busy capturing her with my camera that I didn't feel the chill. 


If I were ten or more years younger, I would boast of my romantic encounter. Now I know, I lent the boy my shoulder at his moment of loneliness, just as I often borrow others' shoulders when I feel lonely. If that doesn't suffice, turn to the moon then. 


On my walk home, the young boy at the grocery shop shouted to me, "Ni hao!" I raised my head from the camera screen, saying with glee, "Hey, your apples are good!" He looked so puzzled that I guessed he either forgot me or couldn't recognize me after I put on makeup. I tried to refresh his memory by saying, "I bought some yesterday remember?" Well, this could have been the beginning of a Wong Kar-wai film, but I ruined it totally with my middle-aged women's down-to-earth question. The lame story ended with his turning his head in another direction. Well, what can you say? I can be mean to guys and it doesn't make a difference even though I am in London... 


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