Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be nice. / 當好人


Since PK gave me a free printer last week, he has made it to the top on my list of new friends. After the party last Saturday, kids threw cigarette butts and beer bottles in front of my room carelessly. Though I know it's his or Tom's job to clean our living space, I still couldn't help picking the litter on Sunday evening. I've gradually come to understand why he finds me friendly because others are too self-centered. I wonder if everyone greets the staff working here. So comparatively, the effect of my smiles is greatly heightened. 


Yesterday when I went to the site office, PK asked as usual, "How are you my dear?" My habit is asking others if they have eaten. It was almost 2 pm, and he said he didn't have much of an appetite. Then he went on to tell me that he had cancer 13 years ago, and fortunately it was under control. But the disease might have influenced his eating habits. An idea came to me, "If God had been more cruel, it wouldn't be he that I talk to at the moment." Though I was in a hurry to go out, I ran back to my room to grab two apples and sent them to his office. I couldn't stop myself from saying to him, "It's very important to eat on time..." 


On my way out, I walked thinking, "It doesn't hurt to be nice." Besides, people might share their life stories with us. I guess maybe it's because PK has undergone so much that he is especially susceptible to people's good will. 


(This was taken for Patty, Patty Island! But "patty" here means meat pie.) 


On my way out today, I stepped into dog doo. After I cleaned the boot, my hand smelled of that too. I thought to myself, "Something great is going to happen to me!" When I went to buy cutlery, a glass jar fell as I attempted to take a look at a set behind it, and it dropped on a glass plate! Nothing happened to both, but the clerk rushed to me. After he took a close look, he announced, "You chipped the pottery pot." I tried weakly to defend myself by repeatedly explaining that the jar fell directly on the plate. The accident had nothing to do with the pot. He then decided to let the owner have a say. The Middle-East sir took a quick look, declaring, "It's alright." I was almost moved to tears. To be honest, I wasn't sure what the truth was,  but again, my brownie points fully protected me from being taken advantage of. 


(I like the poetic name of this bakery. Sophocles was a famous Greek playwright. His best-known work is Oedipus, who married his mom because of fate.) 


Knowing well that we won't become poor because of giving, I tend to go all out when I see foreigners who need help in a city like London. When I was going over toothpaste in the store yesterday, a Spanish-speaking man told me that he doesn't understand English, so he couldn't figure out the difference between whitening and anti-cavity toothpaste. I tried to explain in English, in French and eventually in Spanish. He asked me why I opted for the whitening one. I replied, "Because I want to have white teeth." Having confidence in me, he said he would like to try it too, and he thus left happily after his question was answered. Today in the bank a Portuguese lady was afraid our randomly-formed line would make someone jump the queue, but I kept reassuring her that no one here would do that. She held a small Portuguese-English book in her hand, which, to me, is a sign of fear and insecurity. I hope Dominic treated her nicely. In the evening when I went to register with GP, a Chinese girl stood next to me. Since she wasn't sure what the questions on the questionnaires were about, I checked with her constantly. If helping people could be translated into monetary value, then I would surely be extremely rich...


Winnie Sun said...

"It doesn't hurt to be nice"
You just reminded me how wonderful life can be if we pay more attention to others.
Smiles change the world a lot,too.

Darrent said...


"助人為快樂之本" 說的一點也沒錯,

Darrent said...


shangyu said...

這種感覺好像"Pay It Forward",令人心裡充滿著溫暖與感動.如果我是PK的話,我大概在啃著蘋果的同時,早已淚眼盈眶.

小小的善行能讓周遭的人覺得這世界仍有它美好的一面,何樂兒不為呢! :)

shangyu said...

那家Patty的肉派還蠻好吃的,每次我聞到剛出爐的派香,我跟Kay就忍不住進去買來吃吃... :p

Bean said...


Patty said...




Bean said...

Hahaha actually I want to say you're sweet! you're even sweeter than just being nice you know. :)

shaggy said...


Weichuen You said...

Winnie: Exactly!

Darrent: 沒錯,但可以有郭台銘的幾千分之一也不賴啦:)因為閒閒沒事,就去學點語言囉!可是用不到的很快就忘了。




豆豆:I hope so, but you see, not everyone appreciates my style:)

Shaggy: 你也很富有啊!

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