Thursday, September 01, 2011

Biggie goes to school / 小哥哥上學去


Tomorrow Von is going to kindergarten for the first time in his life. We can't help but go cheer for him this evening. I even ask him to rehearse self-introduction. He has announced to us his ambition of running for class leader. Chances are that he might be too excited to fall asleep tonight. I think he is cut out for a role model student. 


As children grow up, we have aged. One day Von asked me on the phone all of a sudden: Auntie Wanda, why don't you get married? I want to be your ring bearer, but if I am too old, I can't do it then. He sounded really worried, and I felt the need to give him a satisfying answer. Thus I replied, "It's ok to be a ring bearer before 10 years old. Give me five years..." But to be honest, I wasn't confident that I can find someone by then. Whenever adults bombard me with the question, I can always remain poised or even ignore them. However, Von is so sincere that I can't lie to or joke with him. 


I am afraid that after Von goes to school, he'll see a much bigger and better world. We, the old folks at home, won't be so important to him. I seldom fight to be the most important person in people's mind, but it matters a lot when it comes to Von. 


I wonder if kids in the kindergarten will play our doctor-patient role play. Every time Von's symptoms sound so familiar, and they turn out to be my real-life experience.  For example, "Doctor, my knees hurt. Might it be that I jogged too much?" He even asks me now, "Do we resort to Chinese or western medicine today?" Young Kai will shout, "I am Miss Nurse." Even after we've told him dozens of times that he should be Mr. Nurse, he still insists that he's Miss Nurse. 


Kai always follows his older brother around. Asked if he'll feel lonely when Von goes to school, he answers, "Blother will bring home tookies from school." He actually has problems pronouncing the g and k sounds in mandarin, so they are replaced by the d and k sounds. He doesn't care about our teasing him though. Sometimes he can form really long sentences, giving us the illusion that he's very mature. 


I intend to record these seemingly-trivial anecdotes because I know too well that we are bound to be losers in the race against time. However, I can write down the stories, which will become my precious possessions when I am in the UK. After all, not everyone is so lucky to be blessed with the company of children or the eye to discover these lovely details. 


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