Saturday, April 14, 2012

Northern Ireland / 北愛爾蘭


Though I want more than anything to record all the beautiful scenes in front of my eyes during the trip, sometimes, I wish I didn't take any photo at all. Now it's not that easy for me to put away my camera and live at the moment.


My biggest wish is to represent a place with a picture I draw, but unfortunately, I didn't even take out my journal book or blank postcard on the trip to Northern Ireland.


Thus before leaving, I did my best to bear in mind the beauty I do not want to forget, and these images are the beginning of my journal of the trip to NI.


Bangor, where Shu-hua lives, is a-half-hour train ride from Belfast. Castle Park, which is next to her house, is a green forest. Every day when I walked across it to get to the train station, I was always so pleased by the melodious chirping of birds. 


The train passes by the little towns along the sea. I haven't been so close to the ocean for a long time... 


When I visited the Giant's Causeway, I was reminded of Taiwan in every way. 


What I found hardest to part with was the night sky of Bangor, which is laden with stars. On my way home, my eyes always looked upwards. 


Shu-hua said that it is an anti-climax to travel to Northern Ireland after having seen all the glamor in Paris. I do think this is a good way to end my Easter trips because I am very lucky to have discovered the beauty of Northern Ireland, which is serene but enriching...


shangyu said...

我可以了解妳說"北愛爾蘭是這趟旅行很好的收尾"的這番話,雖沒有照片,但透過妳畫筆下的綠和藍,我都可以間接感受到它純樸大自然的美. :)

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