Monday, April 30, 2012

House of Fairy Tales / 童話之屋


Jazel and I took the train to go to Bexley in Kent on a rainy Saturday for the latest events of House of Fairy Tales and the wedding of Gavin and Deborah.


Like most towns away from London, people are rather approachable. The clerk in the post office used the traditional balance to weigh my letter. A lady behind us in the queuing line couldn't help commenting on Jazel's lightning speed of composing a text.


We struggled in the wind and the rain. When we spotted Hall Place, it did feel like a place for holding a wedding banquet. 


The receptionists asked if we were volunteers or guests. It took me long to explain, and in the end I defined myself as a guest. Well, but I could imagine that I wasn't on the guest list. Still, they were very nice to add us. 


We also got the vouchers for the food in the wedding. 


There is indoor space for exhibitions in Hall Place. Also, the garden is fantabulous. 


One of the games today was to put to sleep the Apathy Ogre. Children had to finish the tasks listed on the map. 


This activity was designed by Gavin, Deborah and their creative team. They make full use of every corner in Hall Place. Take the Code Breaker task for example. it involves the development of design concepts. 


The children were on their way to look for answers. 


For example, when children come to this part of the garden, they have to read carefully the signs for the topiary animals for they represent different parts and dynasties of Great Britain. 


The game also incorporates very positive life value. We walked around in the round labyrinth, and when we reached the center, we shouted, "We can do anything!" We two must be the two adults that enjoyed most the tasks. 


While we were strolling in the garden, we found that there should be a theme for the wedding. 


The garden in spring is dazzlingly beautiful...


This side of the garden was the venue for the wedding. 


We couldn't find Deborah in the tent, so we decided to sit down first. Because most of the guests are either artists or designers, there were many workshops going on. The theme of our table was collage, and the lady in charge teaches stage costume and set design in University of London. 


The hog roast. 


Outside the tent was the poetic singing like in a movie. It was Mr. Mobile Piano! 


Gavin was in the middle of the photo in black trousers with the golden stripe. 


The artist that was sketching all the time reminded me of a star in every way. 


The wedding ceremony took place in the hall while we were watching it on TV in the tent. Deborah's wedding gown was colored with paints. 


There was an outdoor marriage procession afterwards. 


The guests wore really amazing hats with all kinds of designs. We two did our best to conjure up something by using the flowers and ribbons we could lay our lands on. 


Jazel, interested in handicrafts, took up wreath-making lessons. 


I went for dancing with everyone. 


There were also poets and musicians performing. 


Though I didn't get to interview anyone, I was more than glad to attend a super fairy-tale-like wedding. We went back to  London at the end of the day happily with the fresh wreaths of love...


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