Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bangor, NI / 班戈


Bangor is in the east of Belfast. It is half an hour away from the capital city by train. Along the way your eyes will feast on really fantastic seascape. 


Bangor is famous as a seaside resort. On the Monday after Easter Sunday, it was literally packed with tourists. Shu-hua said she had never witnessed such a huge crowd. 


Northern Irelanders feel more approachable. On the first evening when we were waiting at the bus stop, a talkative uncle approached us. His accent, in the beginning, sounded kind of disorienting for me. He said, "You are from London? You'll find people here very friendly." Then the second uncle joined our conversation and asked the same set of questions. 


The driver whom we met on the 4th day told us, "When you ask for direction here, people will take you there, and then they'll take you home. Their grandmas will invite you to have dinner. In the end, you'll regret asking them." 


When it comes to looks, women love to apply foundations of sun-tan colors and pink lipsticks. Little girls wear all the flowers on their apparel. Besides, the British brand Superdry totally rules here. 


My first time of watching an Easter parade. 


Then we went for a walk in Castle Park. Bangor is thought of as the most desirable place to live in NI. There is not much distraction here, so it will make you appreciate the subtle beauty of day-to-day life. 


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