Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paris 4 / 巴黎 4

人/ People 


Though Paris looks really glamorous in photos, a lot of people are actually struggling in this city. Alex, one of the flirters, said the average income is 1,300 euros. However, the living costs are rather high here. Take the bagel meal with coke I have. It costs up to 8 euros. 


When I pass by several elementary schools, I come across the same sign meaning that the school is angry and that we are signing our petitions. I ask the workers nearby, and I guess what he says is that the government tries to close the schools... 


There seems to be no such thing as playground in public schools in the city, but it's nice to study in historical buildings. Besides, on the facade of school buildings are the three words "liberte, equalite, fraternite." 


High school students gather outside the school gate during lunch break. 


This is how Parisians look in postcards. 


The teenagers seem to play table tennis in the park. 


People play petanque in Jardin du Luxembourg.


Ladies taking a break in the sunny afternoon.


The crowds on the square of Hotel de Ville protest for the government not to change their working hours. 


The workers are off somewhere to have their prepared lunch. 


The musician plays the violin hard, but the horde of tourists sit nearby looking indifferent... 


One morning when I pass by the back door of Pompidou Center, I see several vagrants sleeping there. As I approach the building trying to make sure if it's open, I smell of urine. And it is at that instant that a lady pisses right in front of me. As soon as I realize what's happening, I walk away asap. 


Let's calm down a little bit. Well, one of the lessons I've learned in Paris is not to envy others...

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