Friday, April 06, 2012

Keukenhof / 庫肯霍夫


One of my lifelong biggest wishes is to see blooming tulips in Holland. Vicky, the hostess of our B and B says that Keukenhof is open. Though it's only early April and not all flowers are in bloom, I know that I'll have to wait for another 20 years before having another chance. 


Keukenhof is in the small town Lisse in the southwest of Amsterdam. It is also known as the Garden of Europe, covering a vast land of 32 hectares. Each year 7 million bulbs are planted, and it is open only from late March to mid-May. 

When we enter the garden, we three are eager to look for tulip fields in full bloom, but we don't see much. 


Fortunately we don't come for nothing. 


In the distance, there are huge colorful flower fields. 


The scenery in the garden is very poetic. 


I am so inspired  by the flowers! 


When we are about to leave Keukenhoff, a tourist is late. Last year when we traveled with a tour to Stonehenge, several tourists were late, but the British tour guide could only sulk while still waiting for them to get on the coach bus. This time we witness the Dutch kind of guts. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the tour guide Anna says, "Bye, go back to Amsterdam by bike, or by car or  by taxi!" This incident really impresses me! 

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