Saturday, April 07, 2012

Delft / 台夫特


I don't have many ambitions on the trip to Holland, but I insist on going to Delft. We read the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring before, and Delft is the place where the story takes place. I want very much to take a look at his hometown. 


Isn't that an amazing sight of the sea of bikes? I bet many people lose tracks of their bikes in the end. 


Delft is in South Holland, also known for canals. Compared with those in Amsterdam, the canals here are smaller in size. 


New Church built from the end of the 14th century to the 15 century. Inside is the burial vault of the Dutch royal family. 


I go in to sample the pesto flavor of cheese, which is sort of salty. 


Delft is also known for its blue ceramic products. In fact, they are styled upon the porcelains imported from China in the 17th century. 


I start a chat with the shop owner. Upon hearing that I come from Taiwan, he asks me if we can swim everywhere in the sea. I reply, "Well, you can, but it's dangerous." He then goes on to ask, "Are there sharks?" I answer, "No, but if you are not very good at swimming, isn't it dangerous?" Not understanding my concern, he says, "Here everyone swims like fish!" 


The wonderful scenery of the Eastern Gate. 


We do not find Vermeer's residence and studio right before we leave Delft. 


This is why I travel all the way from Amsterdam. However, the paintings in the Vermeer Museum are all digital prints. 


The Delft school is famous for domestic images and people's daily lives. Vermeer has a lot of paintings in which women read letters. He also paints characters whose eyes stare into those of the viewer. 


This is Vermeer's studio, where the girl with a pearl earring Griet work together with Vermeer in the novel. 


Unlike Amsterdam, Delft is a very serene place. Though the former is very beautiful, there are so many tourists that it's almost impossible not to bump into people when walking on the roads. 


We also have a very leisurely lunch like the locals under the sun. 


We stroll in the afternoon, running into parents that pick up their kids in front of the kindergarten. Children have their own bikes as well. 


This kind of cart is especially useful. We even spot a young man drop off kids with his cart, which can accommodate at least 6 kids! 


Everyone waits for the drawbridge to close. 


Cute boys practice rowing the boat...


Kimberly said...

Miss You~~~~~
i miss u a lot!!!
it's real "Delft" not in the book haha : P
it seems u went somewhere really amazing~~
wish u had a great time in England :D

Weichuen You said...

Thank you! I am going home soon!