Friday, April 06, 2012

Amsterdam / 阿姆斯特丹


On my way from Brussels to Amsterdam. Here is a photo of the countryside of Europe to share with you. 


Speaking of this trip to west Europe, I didn't arrange it. In fact, Jazel was worried that I might be "mentally unwell" by staying at home for a whole month, so she invited me to come along with her friend Doris. I visited Amsterdam eight years ago, so this time I feel rather laid-back. I don't have the ambition to cover all the tourist attractions at once. 


Despite my previous visit, I still find the city to be extremely charming when I get off the train. During our three-day stay here, the weather is quite sunny too. 


The Dutch people have been very active in protecting their environment. People use bikes as a major means of transportation. When I buy postcards in a tulip shop, the owner talks about the independence issue of Taiwan with me naturally as if we knew each other for a long time. 


When the rain drops unexpectedly, which is very typical of the Dutch weather, I rush into a bar for shelter. 


I doodle while sitting at the bar. Before leaving, the young bartender asks if I can show the drawing to him. I ask with uncertainty: Are you sure? I've turned everyone into bunnies. He and another boy study who is who. Upon paying, he jokes with me saying if I leave my drawing, I can have the drink for free. 


On my way back to the B and B, I find the long line waiting outside Ann Frank House has gone. I thus go in for a look. Though I don't know any of the tourists next to me, we all feel quite sad being in there and thinking of Anne and the Jewish people. 


There is also a long queue for getting into Van Gogh Museum, but I am very glad to have seen the exhibition. 


We also stay at a B and B in Amsterdam--Bayan. The owners are a couple from the Philippines. They offer really nice service! Vicky, the hostess, also tells us many stories about living in Amsterdam. 


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