Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Marionettes, Inc. 1 / 傀儡公司 1


One of the assignments this term is doing illustrations for one of the four pieces of literary works chosen by the tutors. I decide to illustrate Ray Bradbury's short story Marionettes, Inc. It's about two middle-aged men who would like to get away from their marriage. One of them, Braling, orders a robot which can take his place at home. However, Braling 2 eventually falls in love with his wife, and he thus replaces Braling.


We can focus on one of the themes or characters to do four illustrations. One of my ideas is marriage. The characters want to escape from marriage, but when his place in marriage is taken by someone else, he feels threatened. 


I derive inspirations from Klimt's Kiss. Even if I do not use this version in the end, at least I have much fun drawing the images. 

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