Monday, November 21, 2011

happy dieting / 快樂減肥法


This winter in London has been really warm so far. However, I don't have any clue what came over me because someone so disciplined like me started to bite toast at midnight! You should see how I tossed a big ball of butter onto it. A few nights ago, I alone ate up a box of chocolate. This weekend I did some self-analysis. I really shouldn't call what I am doing "dieting," because I still eat three meals. But I make it a rule not to sit down immediately after eating. That's why my room has been particularly clean lately and the fridge is packed with all kinds of food. I've got into the habit of tidying up my space and going for a walk to the supermarket after dinner and lunch. It's funny that when my fridge is full I don't have such a scary appetite. Well, today I am very rich!

我還因此有了意外收穫,昨天發現我家旁邊就有個不小的Myatt's Fields公園,只是個社區公園,卻美得像電影場景,我之後的身材就要靠它了!

I also gained something else accidentally--yesterday I found Myatt's Fields Park right next to Brooke Hall. It's nothing but a community park, but it's as beautiful as a movie set. Well, this is where my gym is going to be!


Bean said...

霧呢! 好倫敦的天氣!

shangyu said...

真的美到不行 ~~

Winnie Sun said...

I can almost feel the breeze from looking at the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I wish I was there!
我想那邊的天氣應該非常冷了吧! 所以你才開始想要吃這麼多的! 不過你的自制力算好的啦! 這麼早就驚醒了~~

Jasmine said...


constance said...

so beautiful!!! how i wish to witness this there and to touch the leaves and just absorb the beauty!

this place must really inspire you in your illustrations

Weichuen You said...

Bean: Very romantic!

Shangyu: 這裡季節分明,秋天是很美的季節!

Winnie: It's freezing air, not breeze:)

Ning: 但還是常常會失控啊!


Constance: How've you been? Well, since I am so absorbed in my current project, taking a walk in the park helps me to relax and feel the beauty of my neighborhood.