Wednesday, November 30, 2011

etching / 蝕刻版


This morning when I woke up, I retrieved my self, though lately she has left me quite often. I posted a note on the wall in front of the desk, which says, "Draw with a happy heart!" Indeed, I am using expensive paper, which costs 2.65 pound each. If I were still reluctant, I would be wasting God's good will.


These are the etchings from last Friday. Yesterday at a point, I told the kids in the studio that I won't watch Romeo and Juliet for another ten years after we wrap up this project. Right after I finished, Laura made the same comment. Then Aidan said that even his children can't mention the play in the future. 


As Hui said, now I am drawing roses like mad. Well, but they are still my favorite flowers. Since we are sailing into the last month this year, I have to admit that it is a super luxury to lead my life this way...

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