Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wanda's art class 10 / 汪達的美術課 10


Every day in our art class, I will ask Von about his school life. He's a faithful little boy, always hanging out with his old friends from the kindergarten during the break. It's also a routine for him to visit the little girl whom he has a crush on, but he says, "I don't know why, but for several days when she sees me, she just runs away." I can't imagine that Von has already encountered such a thorny problem at the age of six. I reply, "I bet she must be shy. Why don't you go make some new friends? They might turn out to be really nice people." However, Von insists on spending time with his old pals. 


I actually regret after uttering out these words. If we, eventually, will master the art of hiding our feelings, or put on masks, why do I teach a six-year-old to be emotionally considerate and magnanimous or give space to someone he likes? Von's sixth year is beautiful right because of his sincere and honest feelings. 


9 p.m. in the evening art class, no one needs any psychotherapist. Let us all be ourselves, so free and careless...

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