Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the defense / 心防


I am finally starting my new picture book project this week. I was kind of at a loss, but since the main character is a warrior, it occurred to me that I could ask the boys to pose for me. Interestingly, they both fought to be the warrior, especially Kai. However, I needed the reference of victims as well. In the end I had to demonstrate in person, and we really had a blast.


I read a story about being on the defense, received a phone call about being on the defense today. Someone let down the wall, while someone else is still struggling. We might like a person while being on the defense against him or her. It's just that we do not know each other well yet. I understand it all, but whatever your problem is, I will go on being a beautiful, extrovert, and peaceful 36-year-old big girl.

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