Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can / 我可以


Sunday morning. My dear parents went with NTU with zest for their sharpening their photo-taking skills. I was reading the book London Illustrated written by two Korean authors who received illustration education in Kingston University. It seems that they have much more sketch sessions than we do in Camberwell. I recalled the promise I made to myself before coming back: I will draw, if not harder, at least as hard when I come home. That was why I could come home without any regret. Thus I grabbed one of my luxurious birthday gifts and rushed to the traditional market in the neighborhood for drawing sketches.


Somehow I had the urge to draw chicken. I learned that the vendors feed them with watermelons. The combination of red, black, ochre and green is just fantastic. 


It is hard not to feel thrilled in the market. The vendors hawk with full force; the chickens moan in misery; I love that familiarity in people's greetings to each other. I even run into an acquaintance asking me what I am up to on the bench. The vivid colors of veggies and fruits and the oily colors of cooked food give me such visual stimulation. Everyone I see has something special about them physically and mentally that I want to draw them all. Life here is so beautiful. Also, a seemingly-ordinary middle-aged couple comes grocery-shopping together, but the sweetness of their love shines. I feel my dead cells coming alive again. 


I drew sketches in the markets in Valencia, Budapest and London. Why can't I do the same in Taipei? My classmates in London are about to begin their new term. I should work hard on my home-schooling  too. 

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