Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comforted / 安心


Today I met my favorite little boy Juan again. After I finished his portrait, I offered to be his model. Little did I expect that I would turn out to be Doraemon with curly hair. 


I have got into a habit now. In friends' gatherings, if there is a group of kids, I will automatically move over and pretend to be one of them. Usually I bring colored pens with me, and that enables us to draw together. I feel that I didn't get to be a child when young. Now I am intent on making up to myself for the fun I didn't enjoy of spending time with children of my age before. 


Juan drew fearlessly in my journal. We each were responsible for one page. He commented on my old-looking portrait, so I drew a younger version of myself, which obviously pleased him more than the first one. He was engrossed in drawing his beloved Doraemon again. We chatted about the song Turkish March. His eyes shone with glow saying, "That's my favorite song!" 


Sometimes I talk so much that I don't believe in what I say anymore. But at this moment, if there is a child sitting next to me and drawing with me in silence, their presence never fails to comfort me...

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