Sunday, December 04, 2011

happy day / 幸福的一天


In university, girls who live in dorms might get midnight snacks or breakfast from the boys who are romantically interested in them. Since I lived at home all along, I had never experienced that. When I fell sick once in the US, my friend knew nothing more than buying food from the McDonald's. Here in London, I am way beyond the age of being waited on like a princess. Well, I've always known what I can expect. Besides, if people sent me too often midnight snacks, I would gain weight, which really makes me appreciate having none of that. 


But it's wonderful to cook for others from time to time. I've been working on the use of flour these two days. Today I followed Shaggy's advice and tried scrambled pancakes. I added scallion, scrambled eggs and cheese, so in the end it was golden cheese scrambled pancake. Poor Jazel is still struggling with her assignment, so I sent a plate right out of the pan to her room on such a freezing day. If she were a man, I am sure that he would be captured, or his stomach...The menu for dinner was rather tempting as well. I had ketchup fried rice with sliced onions and mushroom, dumplings with spinach soup served with dried seaweeds. 


I put up the latest postcards sent to me. The  scenery on my wall is constantly changing. I've left home three months, and Von has learned to read the phonetic system in Mandarin. It reminds me how fast time has passed by. 


In the afternoon I went to Myatt's Fields Park for a walk and sketching. It was freezing outside, but as I drew on, I forgot about the temperature. I wonder if my readers will have the idea that Myatt's Fields Park is a major scenic spot in London. To be honest, I don't think Kensington Park would look more impressive in photos. Myatt's Fields Park is a very important place in my life now because it offers me much mental consolation. 


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冷冷的冬天送上暖暖的食物,我想嘉蕊一定很感動 ^_^

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