Monday, December 12, 2011

Shilin Market in London / 倫敦的士林夜市


The two greatest luxuries in freezing winter are eating and sleeping. Now when I walk on chilly streets, my stomach is so paralyzed that I can hardly tell if I am really hungry or it's purely my gluttony. Today I went to Camden Market with the girls because I had an extremely important mission, which has much to do with the question asked by the leading actress in the Taiwanese TV drama we were all watching: What have you done for love? However, the other important purpose was the cheap food. Camden Market is on such a huge scale that it takes much energy to go through every section. Exotic food tempted me with their colorful appearance and appetizing smell. You can find savoury and sweet food that will greatly satisfy you. Well, it didn't cross my mind to take photos until I was fully fed. Imagine, there are usually more than 10 food stalls in a section... 


Last time when I went to Camden Market with Carol, she said that this is the Shilin Market in London! (Shilin Night Market is a very famous touristic spot in Taipei, known for Taiwanese local food and cheap clothing.) But Camden Market is open in the daytime. Today I even heard the latest song by the Taiwanese singer Sandee Chan played in a boutique run by some Chinese girls. It was hard for me not to think of Shilin Night Market.


However, Camden Market has its artistic feel. This is the wooden carving on the wall in one section of the market. 


Camden Market is made up of several individual markets. This is the entrance to the Stables. 


Camden Market is known for its alternative culture, but in fact all is available here. Products range from clothing, accessories, souvenirs, posters, vintage merchandise, CDs, sweets and so on. The only worry is that you don't have enough money with you!


The night fell. Before we left, each of us bought a takeaway box of West African food with lamb and rice. The vendor wanted to go home too, so he gave us a 2-pound reduction from 5 pounds. We couldn't help exclaiming: What a heaven for poor students! 


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your post made me want to travel back there! had such a great time exploring camden market a few years ago. :)

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Jamie: Then you should! It's one of my favorite places in London.