Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Big Universe / 大宇宙

The Big Universe / story written and illustrated by Weichuen You 


Nio got my handmade picture book The Listening Princess last year for her birthday. This year when Nio's mom Daphne invited me to her 6-year-old birthday party, my conscience was roused. I actually felt ashamed about not having drawn any picture book for months. I took this as a great opportunity from God for me to reform myself. So I decided to make another picture book for Nio.


   I've seen a lot of kids this month. I can't figure out how come these children, who draw so instinctively, will turn into a bunch of boring adults who can do nothing but touch their mobile screens all the time. I wonder if school deprives them of their creativity too. I hope Nio, who is going to elementary school in fall, will draw forever and be a child at heart forever.


   This time I tried a new form of handmade books, which is called "step book." The box was also completely handmade.

Your ears hear the raindrops dancing. 

You love to smell the fragrance of flowers. 

When you smile, stars all light up.

Your hugs sooth sad Dad and Mom.

You are as free as the wind. 

You are curious about everything. 

You are a grown-up in many ways. 

You've conquered many mountains and oceans. 

Don't buy their words when adults tell you, 
"You've never been anywhere!" 

Buttoning your shirt might be a little bit challenging, 
but you're almost there!

Mosquitoes are not scary at all, no. 

Don't let them take away your imagination! 

Don't believe that 
your hand is too small to make any difference. 

You are not an ant. 

You are not merely a little star. 

Please don't cover your sensitive nose. 

Don't block your ears either. 

Because you are the big universe of a six-year-old.
You have stars, the moon and the sun. 

Don't believe that you are just a tiny six-year-old child. 


   A truth which I'd always known dawned on me again after I was done with the book: However the world or my life changes, all I have to do is concentrate on what I love to do, and then many kids will come to me. 


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