Sunday, July 14, 2013

Come to draw, boys! 2 / 孩子們來畫畫吧!2


I've been studying how to make foldable books, and it follows that I would like to apply what I've learned to the boys' art class. Von is interested in dinosaurs while Kai's challenge is to do simple math questions.


   As for advanced paper-cutting skills, leave the task to me! 

        這些紙來自GF Smith,很難在台灣找到同樣品質的產品。

   The paper is from GF Smith. It's hard to find equally good paper here in Taiwan. 


   Kai has a hard time doing calculations, so Von lends him some fingers. 


   After figuring out the answer, Kai  draws the number of items specified on the following page. 


   Kai writes 6 and 9 inside out. But his free brushstrokes remind me of Joan Miro's art. 


   Von draws three dinosaurs that live on the land, in the sea and in the sky! 

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