Thursday, August 01, 2013

Momoko / 桃子


This summer I have reexamined my life. I find it amazing that I could live without doing too much drawing in the past few months, especially when I am back in the lovely habit and feel how much joy it brings me every day.


   I consoled myself with a lot of lame excuses when I was not making any effort. The most hideous one is that working hard won't get me anywhere anyway. However, I couldn't help feeling a mixture of emotions when I saw my ex-classmates' effort pay off.

   I read an article about my ex-classmate Momoko Kudo. I am truly happy for her, and my sky is as cloudless as that in August. Now I am holding onto my dream again. After all, I feel better about taking a try than doing nothing at all.

桃子的部落格 / Momo's blog

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