Friday, July 12, 2013

Come to draw, boys! / 孩子們來畫畫吧!


After a stressful year of work, I've forgot how to relax. My creative cells take shelter somewhere I don't know. 


   Luckily, I've reached a very wise decision after going on a short trip to the mountains. I see the necessity to put aside all the unfinished tasks related to work. I am going to do nothing but doodle with total joy. 


   The boys feel my new determination. On their part, they can also take a break from the heavy schoolwork and slow down their hurried paces. Thus, Wanda's art class makes its comeback. With a year passing by, Kai has learned to use scissors. The traces of time are noticeable in many details in the seemingly ordinary daily life. 


   Today I make the brothers draw each other's face. Von keeps observing Kai's face in the process. 


   Meanwhile Kai is lost in his own world without looking at his elder brother at all. 


   Compared with last year, Von's attitude toward drawing reflects a boost of confidence. I don't think too highly of the value of school education, but I think this is something Von has gained through going to school. 


   Last but not least, I let the boys choose their background design. Here I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to Auntie Hui for the lovely paper. Whichever pattern the kids choose, the pictures look just awesome. This is Kai's portrait of Von. 


   This is Kai in Von's mind. 

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