Sunday, July 07, 2013

Lovely children 3 / 可愛的孩子 3


On the last day of our summer camp, it starts to pour around noon. My plan was to have the kids take a short walk on campus and pick leaves whose shapes interest them. Because of the rain, I rush to the market to buy a bouquet of roses so that everyone can stay safe and dry indoors. Today we are going to make our paper flowers and paint our own vases. 


     Liang is a very talented young man, but he doesn't know how to meet our gaze of adoration. We can only admire his works behind his back. 


     I ask the children to take a good look at the rose and draw their kinds of the flower. Obviously, these kids have their unique interpretations. 


     Next is the vase-painting time. Yoyo wears his hand-painted cowboy hat from the day before, which highly pleases me.


     The elder children and mothers also paint with their whole hearts.


   Mia, on the left side, asks, why did you give each of us a rose? I answer, "Because I am the Little Prince." Mia and her cousin Mei are so intrigued that they coax me into telling them the story. I don't remember every detail, so during the weekend I get a copy, determined to review it. 


   It is said that Mia has been looking forward to painting the glass bottle for a while. This is her beautiful vase. 


   On my way home, I feel kind of lost about the camp's drawing to an end. I find myself drawn more and more to children, and it becomes less and less easy to say goodbye to them. It's probably because there is a child in me too....


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