Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lovely children 1 / 可愛的孩子 1


I do not plan to travel far this summer, but I do want to meet a lot of children. Hearing my colleagues' summer camp project for their kids, I couldn't help volunteering to give handicraft courses. It was not until I got down to details that I wondered if I was too impulsive. Despite my popularity among kids, I kind of panicked upon thinking if I could handle 22 children aged from 4 to 10. But the last thing I would do was to back out of the plan. 

   On the first day, we are going to create collages + drawings in the Matisse's style. I prepare many cut-outs for the children to use in class. I expect there to be a lot of amazing sparks. 


   Everyone can choose their own background design for their little white men and draw clothes for them. In their moms' company, the children are really well-behaved. 


    After finishing their works, the kids come to tell me stories. This is Miko from Australia. Her story is about a beautiful prince taking a walk in the mountains, on the sea and in the park. She requests me to take a photo of her. What an outgoing and cute little girl. 


   I feel really refreshed after talking to a lot of children. It's a wonderful feeling beyond description. 


  To be honest, I haven't done much, but I feel I've gained much more than the kids! 

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