Monday, July 15, 2013

Come to draw, boys! 4 / 孩子們來畫畫吧!4


This week Von has two summer camps to go to while Kai is again free. That means we two will hang out together. In the morning while I am busy trying to figure out how to fix my messy Illustrator files, Kai has finished his breakfast and shown up for class. I guess he must enjoy our art lessons a lot. 


   Our art class reflects the different preferences of adults and children. Sometimes the kids follow my lead while other times I let them choose their favorite characters. In fact, the boys have taught me so much; for example, before today, I had never heard of Snake Eyes. 


   I use Kai's colored scrap paper to cut crawling snakes, which look quite good. 


   Turn the page, and the dashing Snake Eyes is right there in front of our eyes. 


   After his one-man art class, Kai doesn't want to go home, so we work on the printing skills that have fascinated me lately. 


   The color schemes of Kai's watermelon are very charming. 


   We use various kinds of paper to print. The effect differs, which excites us the moment we tear off the paper. 


   The relationships between two pieces of paper in printing are the same as human relationships. The same kind of paper might not work. Instead, the sheets might be stuck to each other. However, paper which I didn't expect to work brings amazing surprises. 


   The texture is so miraculous that I can't help sharing it with Bei-lin, who happens to be the first person I talk to after the experiment. 

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